Some Facts About The Use Of Guns In Self-Defense By The Americans

People have using guns for their self defense for a long time. National Rifle Association in America claims that it is important to possess guns for self-defense. Another report filed by the CATO institute reveals the fact that brandishing a gun in self defense forced the criminals to take to their heels in no time.

The American gun owners maintain a record just for statistics. This record says that almost 2.5 million Americans bring guns into use for the purpose of their self defense. However, Harvard Injury Control research centre states that most of the Americans use their guns for intimidation instead of the self-protection. This american event was presented live on msnbc live.

If we trust the estimates provided by the kleck and Gertz so they also testify the use of 2.5 million every year. This use of guns in self defense has doubled since the rule of President Clinton.  According to the stats provided by the bureau of statistics the nation witnessed nearly 4,40,000 crimes that  involved the use of guns which means that the use of guns in America by the people goes up to 6 million times every year instead of just 2.5 million times.

On the other side there are number of organizations that argue against these facts. They believe that the use of guns by the Americans for self-defense so now it is not as much as it used to be some time ago. Number of organizations are emerging that support peaceful living in one way or another.

The organizations include George Soros-finance anti-gun advocacy group. This group does not advocate the use of guns for self-defense by the Americans. This group has a lot of trustworthy statics to prove that the owners of the guns rarely use them in their self-defense.

In accordance with the statistics provided by the Violence Policy Center the guns are mostly used by the criminal minds for some kind of criminal activities such as robberies, homicides or gang wars.

America witnessed the use of guns in up to 35 criminal activities according to the recent statistics presented on Wednesday. Well, Violence policy center did not take any data related to crime prevention using guns into consideration.

In support of the violence policy center a group calling for strict gun control has come forward. According  to this group most of the Americans keep themselves at an arm’s length from using gun for self-protection against any crime or criminal. It is so because they prefer to keep themselves physically safe instead of getting shot by the criminal.

In an another research conducted by the violence policy center another shocking fact came in to light. According to facts revealed by this research America witnessed almost 260 criminal activities such as homicides in the year 2012 in comparison to the nearly eight thousand and five hundred murders using guns. This story was covered in detailed by .

In order to find the truth we just need to conduct more extensive research about the use of guns by the American for self-defense. So we can say that the use of guns in self-defense has gone up significantly instead of killing someone .Gone are the days when the Americans used to possess guns for their self defense

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