Mother’s Day Celebration Around The World

Mother's Day Celebration Around The World

For a child, his mother’s lap is the costliest place in the world.  She is not only a mother but a friend also with whom you can discuss all your pain, joy, sorrow, happiness. She is the greatest creation of the all mighty. If there is anyone in the world who will love you without any intention, that is your mother. For her you are the best prize of her life. Mother’s day is a very special day and in the whole world it is celebrated in different ways. Go through the following description to get all the information. But before that, let’s talk about the history of mother’s day.

From ancient times, this day is being celebrated. It is observed in various countries in different dates. Ancient Greeks used to honour Rhea who is the wife of Cronus. She was the mother of many Greek Gods. In ancient Rome, a spring festival named Hilaria is celebrated and they use to worship mother goddess Cybele.  In England, it is observed as Mothering Sunday when they pay tribute to Virgin Mary. This is the history of this special date. Now let’s see how it is observed in various places

1. Mother’s Day in Australia

Like other countries In Australia this day is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May. In this year, it is on 10th May. The most popular gift for this occasion is Chrysanthemum. The gift is very special for them because it ends with the word ‘mum’.

Mother's Day Celebration Around The World

2. Mother’s Day in Canada

The Canadian people spend this special day with their mother or mothers figure. Gifts like jewellery, clothes are normal in this case. But the most important thing is love and respect which they show for that special lady.

3. Mothers Day in Ireland

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the month of the Christian fasting month. The day is very important for them and they take it very seriously. You will get some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas from them.

Mother's Day Celebration Around The World

4. Mother’s Day in Mexico

In this day mothers are given mother’s day flowers, cards, candies, other gifts. In this Latin American country, the people celebrate the day on the usual date. It is not a public holiday here, but some agencies close themselves on the afternoon.

5. Mother’s Day in UK

In UK the day is celebrated as Mothering Sunday. This year it was celebrated on 15th of March. The public life on this date is not like other Sundays. All the restaurants, cafes stay full on this date. You may need to book a table earlier to give your mother or mother figure a treat. Many people like to eat Simnel Cake on this occasion.

6. Mother’s Day in US

It US the mother’s day is just like another day. But in this Sunday the restaurants stay busier and everyone greets their mother or mother figures with precious gifts. The children do every possible thing to make their mother happy. Their try to make their mother happy gives a special feeling to the mothers of US.

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