Patience and Dedication Required For Becoming A Commercial Pilot

When deciding about whether or not to choose a lucrative career of becoming a pilot, one needs to understand the benefits and perks involved when choosing such a profession. One even has to ensure they have the criteria and the amount of hard work and dedication, which is required in order to have a successful career in the airline industry like the well-known pilot Ric Bucklew. There are obviously various benefits of becoming a commercial airline pilot, apart from getting a handsome salary. A pilot gets the opportunity to travel around the world visit various places such as New York, Chicago, Paris, Washington, DC and more.

The airline generally sponsors for the travel accommodation, and thus this becomes one of the biggest benefits of becoming a pilot. They even get travel benefits for family and friends, and since they have constantly changing schedules pilots end up getting a lot of time off from their in compared to other jobs. The airline pilots even get medical benefits along with a good retirement health insurance plan for them and their family. They even get 401k retirement funds and paid vacations sponsored by the airline that last up to more than three weeks, other than their regular time off that they get.

Patience and Dedication Required For Becoming A Commercial Pilot

There are various steps that are involved for becoming a certified and competent commercial pilot like Ric Bucklew , who is known for his immense dedication and hard work.

  • One has to meet the basic requirements in order to obtain a commercial pilot’s license (CPL), the applicant must be eighteen years old and above and must have proper communicative skills. They even have to pass a physical test which involves a vision test, as well as exams to test their aeronautical knowledge.
  • The applicant must spend at least 250 hours flying in various situations, including solo and as well as the pilot-in-command; they must also complete the instrument training and learn to pilot a plane with designated gears.
  • The applicant even has to pass various tests, along with written exams in order to showcase their knowledge about the safety, regulations and navigation. In other tests they have to perform a variety of operational tasks, in order to demonstrate their ability to meet industry standards and exhibit their skill in flying.
  • The applicant can even train as private pilots in order to learn the basics of the process of flight and about airplane operations, maneuvering, maintenance, and airport communications.
  • The applicant along with a minimum flight experience of 1,500 hours should also pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) examinations, and should have a bachelor’s degree or college experience of two years.

Thus, in order to be an efficient and dedicated commercial airline pilot like Ric Bucklew who has worked for four major commercial airliners and currently flies the Airbus A320s and A319s nationally and globally, one needs to have a lot of patient and dedication in order to pursue this commendable and lucrative career of a commercial pilot.

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