Sales Automation Tools – A Way To Enforce Your Business

Sales automation tools

Winston Churchill once said that “information rules the world” and, evidently, it does. This statement could not be truer in today’s business world, as the companies who have managed to get a better understanding of their potential and existing customers are able to close more deals faster. Obviously, having an information at your disposal will not be enough – the prosperity of business companies and holdings utterly depends upon the quantity and quality of realized goods or services.  Bpm’online Web Solutions ( proved that sales are the main engine of a company’s profit and development. At its simplest, the sales department management is based on the registration of orders, clients and sales, on the ability to analyze the received data and make on its ground smart managerial decisions.

But in the real world, it is very difficult to get the necessary data. Sales often become uncontrollable and inefficient, accurate sales forecasts and effective solutions finding are impossible if you do not use progressive sales automation tools in your business.

Sales Automation Tools: what for?

Your sales representatives have to juggle numerous responsibilities on a daily basis, which results in the fact that only 30% of their valuable time is spent actively selling. Unfortunately, the majority of their time is spent on time-consuming administrative tasks that stop your salespeople from communicating with customers and closing deals. Luckily, sales automation tools are aimed to cope with numerous business tasks:

  • Losses exception of incoming requests. Statistics gathering.
  • Customer data security.
  • Forming of a coherent scheme of communication in sales processes.
  • Recording and analysis of consumer demand.
  • The centralized storage of customer relationship history.
  • Chores systematization and loss reduction of labor hours.
  • Monitoring of sales team performance.

As a result, sales automation tools promote a smart management of the sales department, centralize all the business processes and increase their transparency, controllability and effectiveness.

Sales Automation Tools: how it works?

Sales automation tools give your sales reps a total control of the entire sales process and automate your sales department activities. The most popular and effective features of modern sales automation systems are lead management, opportunity management, sales forecasting and analytics, which is rightfully considered the heart of a sales management system. Not to mention the importance of mobile CRM apps that give you an access to critical customer information from any device at any given time and location.

bpmonline sales automation tools

Bpm’online starts CRM integration with a deep inspection of the current business processes, objectives and preferences of a client. After the successful integration, the module is customized, tested and launched. From this point forward, your sales professionals can enjoy the full extent of benefits that cutting-edge sales automation software presents. Industry’s best practices can improve the performance of an entire team by minimizing routine tasks while increasing customer engagement and loyalty – all your reps need to do is simply follow clearly defined guidelines on each stage of the sales process.

While choosing emailing as one of the sales automation tools, not only do you keep your clients informed about your new arrivals, promotions, personal offerings and novelties but also enhance your sales too, such as: you send clients a letter with a special promo code or a discount coupon, thereby, you increase customer loyalty. Personalization comes a long way in today’s business environment. Since your sales automation platform is armed with excellent contact management tools, your reps can have a bird’s-eye view on each of your customers, which, in turn, simplifies prospecting and follow-ups.

Sales scripts are not static documents in Word or Excel. Modern services of sales scripts development like bpm’online make it possible to integrate these scripts into CRM-systems, edit and correct them easily and receive detailed reporting on results.

Key features of sales force automation software:

  1. Monitoring of sales and conversion;
  2. Customer information management (contact management, target audience segmentation, history of customer interactions and so forth);
  3. Stock accounting – transaction sums recording and plan-fact analysis performing;
  4. Business processes management – Automation solution controls all the stages of closing a deal, determines responsible employees and coordinates their activity;
  5. Analytic reporting – analysis of performance goal and its comparison with actual performance, control over the managers workload and sales forecast accuracy.

Benefits of Sales Automation Tools

Sales automation makes all business processes coherent and well-structured to build-up long-term and fruitful customer relationships. These tools present a complex approach to identification of the potent clients’ needs and solutions to the marketing problems. Now you can control all advertising affairs of your company, find new clients and increase your sales.

Sales automation tools are applicable to any sphere of business – from advertising and retail to pharmaceuticals and banking. CRM software effectively copes with the tasks of small, medium and large companies.

Sales automation tools by bpm’online is an effective way of forming a quality base of loyal clients, the advanced technology of customer relationship administration. Our CRM solution will help you organize a clear, easy-to-handle and high-performance system of sales and control while constantly increasing the volume of sold goods and services.

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