3 Tips to the Perfect Engagement

So, is an engagement around the corner for you? If the answer is yes, it is important to have things go as smooth as possible.

From selecting the ring to where one will propose, both the woman and the man want things to fall into place.

That said getting engaged is a major step in the lives of two people.

Not only is there the love commitment involved, but there is also the financial factor. From the engagement ring to wedding plans, a lot of decisions will occupy both your minds.

So, are you sure you will end up with the perfect engagement?

Proper Planning Goes a Long Way

To give your engagement plans the best chance of succeeding, remember these tips:

  • Ring selection – Choosing the right ring is a no-brainier, yet some guys end up dropping the ball. Whether aquamarine rings or another brand, take time and study your options. While you may worry if your significant other sees the ring ahead of time, put that worry aside. You’d much rather have her get the ring she wants and be happy than you choose the wrong piece of jewelry. It is not uncommon for couples to shop together for an engagement ring, so that may be your best option.
  • When and where to propose – When it comes time for the all-important proposal, where will you do it? Some guys may opt for a nice dinner out or even a weekend getaway. Others may decide on proposing to their special woman in front of her family. No matter where you choose to do this, also put some time and effort into the plans. When she sees that you went that extra mile for her, she will find the gesture even more to her liking.
  • Financial plans – Last, buying an engagement ring is almost never an inexpensive process. That said don’t get yourself into a financial hole by purchasing a ring you can’t afford. If need be, sit down with your fiancé and discuss the finances of buying that ring. Often, the woman will understand that the man can’t afford the most expensive ring she wants. You may end up coming to a compromise on the ring selection. Remember, money saved now can go towards the wedding (see more below) and other important goals.

Moving Beyond the Engagement

Once she has said yes, your attention most likely will turn to wedding plans.

When it comes to the wedding plans, there will be a lot of time and effort needed to pull off the perfect ceremony.

Among some of the items to check off your list:

  • What type of ceremony to have and where to hold it
  • The type of outfits for the bridal party to wear
  • How many guests to invite
  • How big of a reception to host
  • Where to go on your honeymoon

Your engagement should be one of the most special days in your life and that of your significant other.

By setting aside some time now, you stand a much better chance of it coming off without a hitch.


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