Save Money and Work Less

Most people are tired of the daily grind of getting up, going to work, coming home, watching a little television, sleeping, and starting all over again day after day. That schedule ends up making you feeling like you wish you could do something fun and not go to work. The best way to break the cycle is by this formula: spend less = work less.

One way to spend less is to start doing as much for yourself as you can. Nowadays, you can Youtube anything and watch a video on how to do-it-yourself. What are some things you can do yourself?

We are going to explore a few activities that are a part of daily life that you can do yourself. This way you can spend less and then work less and play more. Here are three areas we can start cutting back and saving money.

1. Car Repairs

Car repair bills are usually big and bad. One noise in the engine and you can take a big financial hit. Do-it-yourself car repairs are a great way to reduce spending. I know you are thinking, “I am not a mechanic.” True, but you can make some repairs yourself and save yourself a lot of cash.

This is what you do. You can go to the local auto parts store and they will run a diagnostic test for you. Most of the time it is a free service. Look up the code on Google. Watch a video or two on how to make the repair. Then you can go to a pick and pull Utah parts yard to see if they have what you need. Go and remove the part to make the repair. One of the benefits of pulling the part off yourself is that you see precisely how it should be in the motor. It is a lot easier to install after you have seen where it came from in the engine. There you have it, do-it-yourself auto repairs to save money.

2. Cook at Home

For most people, eating out is one of the areas that most of their money is wasted. What you could make at home for two or three dollars costs you three times that at a restaurant or eating fast food. Find yourself a good recipe sight and start cooking at home.

Money spent eating out is so commonplace that we do not realize how much is being spent. If you think that you do not spend very much eating out, save all of your eating out receipts for a pay period. Be fair and include all the convenience store or gas station food, the drive-thru stops, and the coffee shop drinks. At the end of the pay period, add them up and then look at the amount of your check. I am sure you will suddenly realize that cooking is not so difficult. Cooking yourself is a financially wise choice.

3. Household Maintenance

House repairs can add up quickly. A leaking toilet, a clogged drain, the faucet in the kitchen is leaking, the lawn needs to be mowed, and the list goes on. Get out your tools and bring your phone. Go to youtube and watch the repair and fix-it-yourself.

You might think, “I do not have the tools.” For the amount you pay a repairman, often you can buy the tool and break even. Then you have the tool for next time and come out ahead of the game. As far as cutting your grass and yard maintenance, you may not have time to do-it-yourself. If you start cutting back, you may find that you have time to cut it and save more money.

So we just covered three areas in which you can do the work yourself and save your cash. By implementing these money-saving tips in your daily life, you can save thousands of dollars a year. You can choose to work less and play more.

Many times the only thing that stops us from do-it-yourself projects is just that, our negative thinking. So think positive; you can cook, do household repairs and repair your vehicle yourself.

If you are still a little apprehensive, choose a good friend as your do-it-yourself repair buddy. All the projects the two of you take on will not only save money, but you will forever bond. Make a decision now that you are going to cook for yourself today and the next repair you are doing to do-it-yourself. Go ahead, get cooking!

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