Social Casino Trends: One Of The Fastest Growing Casinos Today

Social Casino Trends: One Of The Fastest Growing Casinos Today

We are in an age where everything has been made easy and available with the help of technology. In a similar fashion, casinos have also become available online where you can be anywhere in the world and gamble. The social casino grew at a rate of $3.4 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow more in the coming years. Social casino consists of 4% of $91 billion of the overall social gaming market.

Attractive All Age Groups

The social casino had made itself attractive to not only the younger generation but also to the older generation. It attracts the generation that like to play casino games that test their skills. In addition to this, it also attracts the older generation who like to test their luck once in a while. The social casino is expanding its demographics by reaching out to everyone.

Presence of Live Dealer

The presence of a dealer in social gambling gives the gamer that they are playing in a real setting. Gaming companies have tried to imitate the real life casino in the virtual social casino games to give the user a more real feeling.

Creating a Flow of Money

The source of revenue for gaming companies, who create social casino, is the advertisement and the in-app purchases. With increased traffic on their gaming sites, they can increase their revenue as they can charge higher to advertisers. Engagement from the audience can be attracted by creating both a desktop and a mobile version for the social casino.

Real money Gambling and Social Casino

Real money gamblers sometimes like switching to social casino games when they want to develop their skill and not lose their money. Therefore, it becomes important to create a link between real money gambling and social casino to give the real money gamblers the same feel and look. Also, the linking is important so that social casino gamblers might just switch to real money gambling.

Lack of Social Casino Regulations

Real casinos are controlled by several regulations to ensure that the player and casino are both at par. However, social casinos are not bound by any legal regulations. The regulations are purely in the hand of the gaming company. There is no process of taking money or players withdrawing their winnings.

 A social casino is purely based on fun and has no financial value. Hence, a gaming company can do anything with the game like decreasing or increasing the winning rate. In a social casino there are only two basic scenarios- either the gamers like it or they don’t. This means that the social casino can introduce different aspects which make their game and company grow without having to worry about anything.

The Future

The social casino is providing the players with games anywhere and everywhere. It has a huge potential to grow and it is not going anywhere. Social casino will only increase their standing in the online gaming industry as well as in the gaming industry as a whole.

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