The Best Flowers To Choose For This Mother’s Day

The Best Flowers To Choose For This Mother’s Day

Mothers are perhaps the most special persons on Earth for most of us, and Mother’s Day is one of those special occasions where we can show our very special love and affection. While there can be many ways in which we can express our sentiments, gifting flowers is perhaps universal and among the most popular. Some tips on how to select the most wonderful single-color bouquets using some insights into color psychology.

Pink Flowers Because Your Mother Is Always Young At Heart

The fresh color of pink is always fun and never fails to invoke the feeling of romance, charm, and tenderness. Long associated with all things feminine, it is also considered the color of love and appreciation. You can try flowers like pink tulips, or even Astrantia Pink, if you are looking for something really unique. Nerines with the strikingly elongated stems and top-heavy heads of petals can be wonderfully exotic.

Red Flowers Because They Lend Power and Strength

The color red is conventionally associated with fervor and passion; two of the strongest emotions you can associate with your mother. You really can’t go wrong by gifting her bouquet with red blooms. While roses and tulips are all-time favorites, you can lend a more contemporary touch by choosing celosia that never fails to amaze with its flame-like shape and a texture evocative of crushed velvet. A recent flower gifting guide recommends including red amaranths in the bouquet.

Green Flowers for Their Soothing and Revitalizing Powers

If there is a single color that is redolent of nature, it is green. Available in a variety of shades, it conveys very powerful sentiments of harmony, equilibrium, peace, and restoration. Making a break from the past, green flowers and foliage are being increasingly used in floral arrangements, as the color has come into its own as being cool and trendy. You can consider including in your bouquet bay and rosemary as they are multi-dimensional with their varied green tones and wonderful fragrance. Other wonderful options exist in the form of green bells and green hydrangeas that add simplicity and naturalness to any arrangement.

White Flowers to Make Fresh Beginnings

The color white has been traditionally associated with a host of positive feelings; cleanliness, purity, light, innocence, and goodness. Consequently, imbued with such a large number of positive attributes, white has conventionally signified the new beginnings, not to speak of simplicity, serenity, and sophistication. Even though it may not be readily appreciated, there are a number of tones in white that you can take advantage of. White roses, for example, add a sense of elegance and style to any flower arrangement while snowdrops act to lend a feel of the spring season, especially when used in abundance. On the other hand, white cannas make a striking contemporary statement with their elegance.


It can be great fun trying to match the character of the flowers you are giving to that of your mother. There are no hard and fast rules as typically mothers are usually a combination of many personality traits, however, if you can, try to match the predominant trait and your effort will surely be recognized.

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