Quality Deteriorates As Education Turns Into A Business

Education backs business? Or business backs education? Or the two back each other? None of these questions have a positive answer as Education itself is transforming at a rapid pace into a business and this pace of transformation is inversely proportional to the quality of education.Far gone are the days when the focus of education was upgrading the level of humanity. Earlier schools and colleges were meant to serve students but now they are just meant to fill their own pockets with dollars. Education is being treated is a good investment by businessmen which ultimately doubles their profits.

This blog highlights that how the business of education is booming and subsequently fading the quality of education.

  • Roaring Tuition Fee

Be it a kindergarten or a college, the tuition fee these days is as high as the skyscrapers. This clearly shows that the absolute end of educational institutions these days is just profit exactly like a business. The true essence of education is left far behind in this race of money making.

  • Low paid professors

Every now and then, you hear professors complaining of being underpaid. They are not provided the compensation that they deserve for their efforts by the administration of schools and colleges. Though schools charge high tuition fees from students, yet they pay low wages to their teachers and expect them to give their best.Ultimately, this ends up affecting the caliber of teaching.

  • Online courses

Nowadays, another good way to make money is by introducing online academic courses every now and then. Several colleges and universities are earning loads just on the name of online education and help in essays.  Mostly, these online courses do not justify the money that is charged.

  • Bulk of Institutions

The number of educational centers is multiplying every year. Schools with beautiful carved architectures and buildings appeal students and their parents but unfortunately this is just a marketing tactic for widening the scale of profit. Unfortunately, these beautiful constructions provide the lowest quality of education to students at extremely high costs.

  • Focus on Career Building

The academic curriculum are also encompassed around career building of students. However, the true purpose of education is character building. Students are not taught how to make a life, but a living. As a result, students make less of a human and more of a corporate servant. All they strive for, then is completing their degrees and diplomas for earning more and more money.

To make this world a better place, schools need to boost the humanitarian values and ethics. Yes, money is extremely vital for survival, but human values are no less important. We need to realize that in this race of profit making, no one is at a loss but the students. They can do you no harm and they’ll take whatever you teach them and later on they’ll practice the same on the upcoming generation and the vicious cycle will go on and on. So why not, let’s take a halt now and stop treating education as a business and start treating it as a noble cause whose sole purpose is humanity. Pure humanity! This will for sure upgrade the quality of education.


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Born and raised in Canada, Melody Wilson currently works as a contributor at Help in Essays. She is not only a writer, but a designer as well. She writes about education, technology and a lot more (not at the same time).She likes giving people advice that would help them in their daily lives. Fond of pets, Melody has an impressive record of online content writing and editing.

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