3 Ways To Get Outdoors and Build Your Fitness

Guest Post By: Judith Wright

The benefits of sports and physical activity are many. If you have pursued sports in school or college, chances are that you will continue to remain active in later life as well.

Physical activity helps you have an active lifestyle, achieve healthy weight goals, stay away from diseases and enjoy emotional well-being. As we grow up and become embroiled in the rat race to succeed at work and in life, the first casualty is the time we spend outdoors exercising our mind and body.

PlayStations and iPads cannot take the place of open playgrounds, tennis courts or soccer fields. Sedentary lifestyle and addiction to mobile devices are among the biggest reasons contributing to the epidemic of lifestyle diseases.

There are many ways in which adults can get involved in physical activity. Try to get your friends together once in a while and plan outdoor activities that can rejuvenate and refresh you, and stretch your physical abilities.

Here are a few tips for you to organize outdoor activities and sports along with friends and family.

Set Out on a Hiking Trail

Hiking and camping trips are your best bet if you are keen to get away from the grind of daily life and enjoy serene wilderness.

Hiking trips will help you step out of your comfort zone and tackle unfamiliar situations and circumstances.

But if you are a newbie to the game, limit your hiking trip to a single day affair. Stretching the trip beyond that may prove tedious and tiring.

Research your travel route well and speak to rangers beforehand. This way you will be able to avoid surprises regarding weather or wild animal activity, if any. If you choose a suitable destination that is within driving distance from home, it will be easy for you to reschedule your plans in case of an emergency. Also, if you are going out with kids, or if you are a bunch of friends hiking together, then nearby locations require least amount of prep time.

Easy terrain, established camp sites and plentiful water resources will also contribute towards making the hiking trip less difficult.

If you want to enjoy a weekend of hiking then consider pitching tent for the night at a suitable spot and spending the rest of the next day exploring nearby attractions, and wind up before sundown.

Do not set out for your journey under the misconception that it is all hardships out there. You can live it up and take along a few of life’s luxuries like a comfy foldable mattress and pillows, canister stoves, freeze-dried food and even, hold your breath, a lightweight French coffee press!

Always have a trial run in your yard before you go. Light up the stove, pitch the tent, inflate your sleeping pad and check your accessories like headlamp and GPS unit before you set out. Inform someone at home about your detailed itinerary so that it will be easier to find you in case you do not get back on time.

Use the opportunity to build your strength, endurance, speed and skills. Always carry a full backpack and go on mountain hikes which will give a full workout for your muscles. Master the sport to achieve the level of fitness essential for long hiking trips and to be in your best shape.

Trek Your Way to Health

Trekking is a more strenuous activity as compared to hiking. You need to have excellent stamina and endurance capabilities to undertake long treks. Tough expeditions like those to the Himalayas may require medical checkups as well.

As with any holiday activity, treks also require fair bit of planning and research.

Ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared for the trek. It is important that you research the routes you are planning to go on.

You need to first decide whether you will require local guides or expedition organizers. DIY is fine as long as you are familiar with what you are getting into. If the trek is going to last for many days, it is important you have someone with you to help you find rest houses or tea houses to put up at.

While navigating high up mountain passes and rocky hills it is best to have a certified guide along with you who has mountain experience and reliable first-aid training. He will also be more familiar with the local culture and customs (important if you are trekking abroad) and vagaries of the weather.

Acclimatization is very important to be able to navigate higher altitudes well. You should know to recognize common health problems that may surface and how to deal with them. A first time trekker will do well to limit the distance covered to around 8 miles per day especially if you are negotiating high altitudes. Also, carry along basic medicines but refrain from doling out advice to fellow trekkers or locals because this may do more harm than good.

Trekking is a detoxing exercise, one that gives the perfect workout to your entire system. So get started and be a trekker for life.

Hunting Is Also a Sport

Hunting has worked its way into the middle of a raging controversy. But despite all that is being said against it, hunting has been around since the earliest civilizations. If done ethically and legally, hunting is an art as well as a sport that takes you closer to the nature and wilderness, and help you appreciate them better.

If you want to spend time outdoors plan a hunting trip into the woods. You can go solo or along with a few friends. Ensure that you have all the legal permits and licenses, and do not waste any animal. Seasonal culling permits are also handed out for certain animals and species of fishes in many districts.

Ducks, turkeys, fowls, deer, moose and many other animals and birds and fish can be hunted for food. It is important that you plan your hunting expedition well in advance.

Make sure you use reliable hunting gear like rifle scopes that are safe and convenient. Quality products from authorized suppliers can help improve your hunting experience vastly.


Scientific research has proved that human beings are the happiest when out in the nature. We feel calm and relaxed, and less stressed out. In fact, a few hours with plants and greenery can even ease depression. So the next time you want good health, fit body and happy mind, head outdoors!

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