Change The Look Of Your Door Overnight With Quality Front Door Hardware

Change The Look Of Your Door Overnight With Quality Front Door Hardware

The door is the gateway to your home. To create an instant impression in the minds of visitors, you need to choose door hardware with great care. It plays a major role in improving the outward appearance of the door. Some categories of direct door hardware are mentioned below :-

Door Knobs

Door knob is a type of hardware that adds a touch of sophistication to exterior doors. They are designed in various shapes like sphere, round, oval form and in different styles like privacy knobs, passage knobs, dummy knobs, commercial knobs and keyed entry knobs.


Levers are more functional as compared to door knobs. They are primarily used to ensure the security of households. As it cannot be twisted open, family members like children and your parents will be safe from intruders while you are away. Keyed levers are a distinct type of exterior door levers. Apart from offering security, it can be used to open the door. You can also make use of a dummy lever to improve the appearance of your door.

Door Closers

Door closers are normally used in commercial buildings, but you can also consider using them in your residence. They can be used in a variety of applications such as blocking the spread of fire and drought. Door closers are of different types, ranging from industrial floor springs to gate spring ups.

You can conceal the door closers at the top of your exterior doors. To do so, you will need to have a major portion of the door cut in a way to house the body. This will reduce its fire integrity. It would be wise on your part to verify what type of door control is suitable with the help of a fire prevention officer.

There is a type of door closer that will fit inside the door with a mechanism contained inside the door. It is known as the Perko door while its hydraulic version is known as Perkometric. The latter provides a better control over latch action and closing speed.

But before you start with the buying process, you will need to check the quality of door hardware available in the market. To do so, you can take the help of websites which will provide you with a wealth of information regarding the same. So, to give your home a smart makeover, doing your homework on available patterns of door hardware is essential.

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