Create A Virtually Maintenance-Free Outdoor Space

Create A Virtually Maintenance-Free Outdoor Space

A maintenance-free outdoor space gives you more time to spend enjoying it with friends and family. Creating that space should be done in a region-specific manner to ensure that the money you spent creating the space is enjoyed as much of the year as possible. For instance, in regions where it snows, artificial grass may be a good option to enjoy time outside in a seasonally covered space.

Create A Virtually Maintenance-Free Outdoor Space

Region-Specific Plants and Trees

Enjoying a lush landscape year-round, no matter where you live, can be accomplished. In the Southwestern U.S., it is ideal to plant desert plants like cacti, bougainvillea and fruit trees as these do not require much water to survive. In the Northeastern U.S., evergreens and evergreen-family shrubbery keep your landscaping green year-round.

Desert Landscaping

Regardless of region, desert landscaping is virtually maintenance-free. This includes rock or manicured dirt as your base with large rocks, desert plants like cacti and aloe plants or artificial grass. With artificial grass in Colorado, you can create a covered area for a year-round kids play area with swings or general play. This space can also be used for a putting green or outdoor seating/dining area.

The most maintenance you will need to complete with desert landscaping is pulling a few weeds, keeping the rocks level and spraying off the grass if it gets a little dirty.

Entertainment Spaces

Consider separating your outdoor space into separate areas. You could have one area just for entertaining. This area could include an elegant fire pit and comfortable patio furniture for your regionwith additional lighting to create a cozy social setting. Another space could be set aside for outdoor cooking, and yet another for outdoor games.

By creating multiple entertainment spaces, you are able to provide numerous activities during gatherings to keep all of your guests busy and happy.

Efficient Water Feature

Water features are often referred to as Zen pieces because the idea of them is to create a sense of calm. Consider a self-recycling option that allows you to fill the unit and it recycles its own water supply. This takes away expensive water bills. Technology has increased so much for home improvements that you can program some custom-made water features. They can be programmed to run for a set number of hours of the day or on-demand.

Water features are often tucked back against a property line. Consider placing your water feature just behind a fire element. Combining fire and water together creates a balancing effect that makes the space more enjoyable. It helps transform your backyard into a relaxation destination on your property.

Final Thoughts

To help your outdoor space become more maintenance free, consider installing a programmable irrigation system. All you will have to do is admire your landscaping, pick a few weeds, and do a little trimming every now-and-then. Transform a little bit of your yard at a time. It makes the project more manageable financially and reduces the overall stress of the project as unforeseen issues can pop up.

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