Via Linux VPS Hosting UAE Providers Offering Flexibility Of A Dedicated Server

For many users Linux is the preferred operating system. It is free of charge or has very low licensing fees.

But this is not the only one aspect why Linux is popular.

Linux distributions can be freely downloaded and lawfully installed on as many devices as you want.

You have even more pros.

  • Linux being open source, you get access to its source code
  • You can tailor Linux the way you want. Because you have the source code, you are free to tweak the Linux system any way that you choose to.
  • It is very stable. Linux systems do not crash. It is up and running as long as you wants it to.
  • It is fast. Anyone who thinks Windows has an edge in the server segment, they are mistaken. It is as fast, if not faster, easy to configure and very scalable.
  • It has interoperability. Unlike Windows, Linux adapts with any system – and that includes Linux distros, OS X, OS/2 Playstations, Windows and more.

Armed with its best assets, that are its price, reliability and the freedom it gives users, Linux is finding plenty of appeal among consumers.

Now that the issue of operating system is resolved, the next question is to choose a hosting server from   among various web hosting servers in the market.

At first look shared hosting appeals most because it is the cheapest. More than 90 % of the websites on the internet use shared hosting. A shared server is the first step in the ladder of hosting. It allows web masters to build and publish websites with relative ease.

But going forward, businesses want a higher level of performance than what a shared server can offer. They look for more power and the freedom to customize configurations and software. For such businesses it is the right time to switch over to Virtual Private Server.

VPS or virtualization technology is the know-how of converting one physical server into multiple virtual machines using specially crafted software. Each virtual machine acts as an independent computing machine offering users guaranteed resources like memory, CPU and disk space.

VPS Hosting enables isolation from other users on the same host, ensuring stability, and root access.

So a combination of Linux and VPS can be the most appropriate solution for many entrepreneurs running small and medium businesses.

In the segment of Linux VPS hosting, UAE vendors are offering bespoke hosting solutions in a secured environment and with plenty of features.

After choosing one among the various plans for Linux VPS hosting, UAE businesses   also opt for managed services and SSL Certificates

A managed service is a way of outsourcing routine IT management as a cost effective method of improving business operations. Companies by opting for managed services do away with the need of having a full time staff.

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