Why Studying Art At School Is Good?

Why Studying Art At School Is Good?

In the world today, there are computers, smartphones, iPad and other electrical devices wherever you go. Most businesses have an online presence, with advertisements online increasing every day. People are constantly connected to the internet for large periods throughout the day, researching, on social media, playing, online shopping, watching videos and engaging in other forms of entertainment. The demand is ever growing for web designers, software designers, graphic designers, digital illustrators, multimedia artists, video producers and animation artists.

When students are sketching, painting, and sculpting in art class, it will help to develop their visual skills. People need to know and be more aware of the world than just what they can learn through writing. Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it.

Art continues to be a popular subject to study, especially those who want to pursue creative careers, i.e.- interior design, architecture and other art related professions. For the first time ever, people who enjoy making fine art, sculptures, photographs and hand-crafted products can market and sell these directly to the public on a wide scale. Students who choose to study art, can achieve recognition whilst studying. The main benefit of a high school Art course is not only do you study art, you make it. Students who are driven and passionate, will produce high standards of work and will create astonishing features.  Some students have a wide skill set, whether it be that a pupil excels in mathematics, or is a top-grade literacy student, will have the capabilities to excel in many professions and their opportunities will be huge. If a student goes on to further studies at university, selecting a wide range of subjects will be beneficial to them.

Research has shown that art can enhance people’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, as well as lateral and critical thinking skills. No matter what career you choose, those who can present themselves and display their work in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, are most definitely at an advantage. If you are a student that excels in art, don’t be convinced to take other subjects too – if you have the abilities and strengths in a creative area, let it shine. When it comes down to exams, many students worry and stress, some even become sick in the days leading up to them, this reflects in their results as they don’t always show the true reflection of their abilities.

Most art and design subjects are not assessed like that. Although some have examination parts, a large proportion of the work that is assessed is completed either during lesson times or as homework, throughout the year. Art students will usually have a significant amount of their art marks already accounted for. Students tend to absolutely love smearing pencil and paint across a piece of paper and sculpting form with their hands. Communicating with shades and shape, awakens the imagination. If you enjoy creating art, you’ll miss it when it’s gone. So, if you do opt to study art, the chances are, it will be your favourite part of the day.

Martin Smith

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