3 Reasons Why Mobile Web Design Is A Must

What is the one thing that you notice as soon as you step outside of your home nowadays? It is not hard to miss. I can guarantee you, that you will come across the fact that in one form or another, the majority of your fellow humans are using a mobile gadget of some kind; smartphones, androids, tablets, and the like. Statistics show that 95 % of people in the US use a cell phone and 77% own a smartphone. That’s right, we are becoming a technology driven culture while we go about our daily lives, and there is no avoiding it. Hence, as an online business owner, if your website is not mobile friendly, it could cost you.

Google may end up reducing your search status ranking online if you are not using a mobile design through your website. This can result in you suffering the loss of your online business just from that one misstep.

So why is Google becoming so strict with this stipulation? It is due to the fact that more people than ever are now searching information on Google via their mobile devices rather than on desktop computers. Google wants to make sure people are happy and having all their searching needs met online and in order to do that, they need to make sure that their users have flexible access to websites on all their devices; from desktops all the way to their mobile devices.

Benefits of Online Marketing To The Mobile Population:

Most people take their phones everywhere they go and keep their personal information on them such as their pictures, messages, favorite apps and their online preferences. People use their mobile devices for things such as; banking, directions, purchasing products and services, communicating with friends and family, entertainment, the list goes on.  For this reason, influencer marketing benefits are essential to your online business website, so you must transform your site to be mobile user-friendly. Especially if you want a flow of ongoing potential customers visiting and revisiting your website.

3 Important Reasons Why Mobile Web Design Can Benefit Your Online Business

The following 3 reasons are important to why creating a mobile friendly website is essential and critical for your online business.

1. No Yellow Penalties From Google

Prospective clients who search online for a product or service, want easy access and flexibility at their fingertips. They want to be able to find what they are looking for online and browse websites despite the device that they are using. So your website must adapt to mobile users who could turn out to be your possible potential clients. That will result in an increase in your sites’ search engine optimization as well as your presence on social media platforms as it will put you on Google’s good side due to your convenient mobile web design.

The following are steps to making sure that your website is mobile friendly. This information is straight from the Google developers themselves:

  • If you have no idea if your website is even mobile friendly, you can take a test to see if it is or isn’t. All you do is enter your site’s URL and see what your mobile friendly score stands at.
  • If you used a software application or any other programs to build your digital content like for example; WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine or Joomla, you can go to this link and find out how to adapt your website’s software to be more mobile friendly.
  • It may be good idea to hire a web developer if you have no idea on how to make your business website mobile friendly, are confused about the whole process or just don’t have the time. It is important to make sure that you find someone professional, reputable and versed as a developer.

2.Your Business Will Not Only Accommodate Everyone But Improve Their Experience And Keep Them Coming Back For More

If a visitor to your website cannot access your site with ease on their mobile device, they will go to your competitors. According to a Google survey, 40 % of mobile users will visit a competitor’s mobile site if they are having difficulty accessing one that is not mobile friendly. Plus a whopping 74% of users would be more likely to visit a mobile friendly site in the future with a 67% chance of spending money on that site’s product or service.

3.Your Business Will Flourish And Stay Updated To The Current Generation

It is always assuring to know that the business you put your time, energy and expertise into, is staying with the times and evolving with the current advances in technology. This puts you right up there shoulder to shoulder with your competitors and improves your reputation and ratings with your potential clients and customers.


That is what it is all about; making the customer happy and when you focus on that goal, you will find that a successful online business will follow along with the money but most importantly, your accountability.

If you take the time and energy to stay committed to making sure that your website is mobile friendly for your current as well as potential customers, you meet their needs and keep up with the ever changing advances in technology, then you are ahead of the game and it prevents you from falling behind your competitors thus losing your value online.

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