Advantages Of Using Office 365 For Condo Boards

Microsoft has provided one of the best cloud based services for businesses in the form of Office 365. It is widely popular because of its various benefits, among which efficiency is one of the most important ones. The Office 365 Cloud may not be as old as other systems, but it has already taken over the market like anything. It stands out for its reliability and consistency, and in helping making business processes more efficient. Condominium boards have far-reaching functions and duties that can be too complex to carry out. But implementing Office 365 can help in bringing all the operations and functions within your control, making your job easier and more efficient, thus helping you focus on growth.

How can Office 365 help your Condo Board

There are three main ways Office 365 can contribute to your condo board’s functions:

  • It can help by increasing the efficiency of your board members and staff
  • It can minimize the costs involved
  • It can add flexibility to everyone’s functions and duties

Your board members and staff will be able to work from any location and at anytime. It will no longer be necessary for everyone to be present at the same time. And all this can be done on a highly secure and stable system. It can help facilitate the functioning and duties of everyone including the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretaries and others, and in the efficient management of data.

When you decide to implement Office 365 for your condo board, you will want to determine where to purchase this service from. You can buy the cloud service directly from Microsoft or from a reputable Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP). is a well-known and well-established CPS offering the service.

Where should you buy Office 365 from

As a condo board, it is always best to buy the service from a well-established Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. It may seem unordinary but it makes more sense to buy it from a CSP rather than directly from company. The top CSPs are specialized in helping implement the Office 365 service for those who are more suited for condo boards. Your will have specialized needs and they can be met more effectively by a CPS.

At the same time it is important to choose a CSP who has a solid market reputation and offers the best experience and benefits.

What to expect from a CSP

Apps4Rent is a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider providing highly efficient Office 365 Cloud Package. They have a strong reputation for their customer support and service. This can be beneficial for different types of boards including condominium boards, looking to implement the Office 365 service over their existing system.

If you get your Office 365 service directly from Microsoft, you will have to follow certain standards laid down by the company when it comes to getting problem resolution. Phone is the only mode of contact and there is limitation to what kind of problems can be addressed. Typically, Microsoft will be limited to providing resolution to listed problems on their critical problems list.

That is not the case with Apps4Rent. When you get Office 365 from such a reputed CSP, you will be getting wide ranging end-user support and full range of services. Most condo boards have not effectively embraced new technology, but a CSP can make it a breeze to embrace this sophisticated cloud package.

There are many advantages of choosing such a CSP over directly buying from Microsoft:

  • They can help you in moving over to Office 365
  • They will help resolving your problems and answering your queries over email, live chat and phone
  • Customer support and services are available 24 by 7

Microsoft cannot provide you the advanced level of assistance which is offered by a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. There is no difference in the product or the price, but the level of assistance received is much advanced.

More reasons to choose a CSP

There is much more to choosing a Microsoft CSP. Apps4Rent can provide you a complete product bundle option. This means complete technical support and the ability to store all your valuable data at one place for security, consistency and ease of access.

You can also use Cloud Project Management Software like Project Online within your Office 365 cloud package. This will further help enhance the effectiveness and coherence of your operations. You can also get a free SharePoint site from Apps4Rent. This site is based on another target site and helps with making your project management more efficient. Thus, the complete package from this Microsoft Tier 1 CSP will help you boosting your condo board’s efficiency and productivity.

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