Enjoy Delicious Pork Dishes

You can enjoy delicious pork dishes any day of the week by clicking on websites that feature many pork menus. Choose from skinny pork and mushroom risotto, pork, ginger and spring onion stir fry, lean pork chops with pak choi and a black bean with plum sauce or the traditional Sunday roast. This can be accompanied with apples, ginger, treacle and allspice to create a dish that’s tasty, healthy and above all, delicious.

Interesting Reading on the Net

If you like cooking and would like to know more about the different cuts of pork from Wales, there’s plenty of interesting info on the net. Learn about:-

  • Spare ribs – delicious with baked potato and fresh vegetables. Ribs are better when cooked slowly on a low heat, this makes them very tender and juicy.
  • Hand of pork – this cut can be cured like ham or used when making your own sausages. It’s a moist piece of pork and great when roasted.
  • The shoulder – shoulder of pork can also be roasted and is very easy to prepare. It has a layer of fat which keeps the meat moist during cooking. If you love crackling, just rub the shoulder with sea salt before popping it into the oven.
  • Loin pork – usually boneless, loin is delicious when roasted and provides a meal for a special occasion. It can be rolled up and tied with string to cook it evenly. Tenderloin is the tenderest of cuts and the most expensive.

There’s also neck, blade, belly and leg of pork while lesser well-known parts consist of the head, hock and trotters. Head of pork can be used in burgers, soups and pates while the cheeks and ears make an amazing stock when boiled in water. The hock is very cheap to buy and comes from the pig’s leg, below the knee. Great for broths, stews and soups. Pig’s trotters also make a tasty meal, something a little different. The trotters can be boiled slowly until the meat becomes tender.

Promote Your Farm Produce

Why not take advantage of online meat promotion websites? Producers and retailers of pork along with their many associated products can make use of online platforms to promote their services. Pigs are born and raised in Wales, so are healthy, well looked after and provide the most amazing pork.

There are many topics covering reasons to buy pork products from Wales, nutritional info and plenty of recipes to try. Read informative case studies about farmers, butchers and chefs. Using an online platform means you can promote your produce from Wales to a whole new audience.

Stay Fit and Healthy by Eating More Pork

To stay fit and healthy, eat more pork as it has a high nutrient density. It’s also a good source of essential amino acids and protein, both necessary for the growth and repair of the body. Pork is low in fat and has lots of Vitamin B; this keeps the nervous system healthy.

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