Preparing For Muay Thai

Preparing For Muay Thai

Muay is a form of martial art that warriors of Thai used in ancient times. The emerging reason behind Muay was the understanding of ancestors that to emerge victorious, warriors should be taught this martial art along with other weapon training so that in case they have to fight weapon-less they should win in the close fight. But in present times, this fighting art is taught and learnt not to harm anyone but for self-development for a healthy and good life. It can be termed as Thai kickboxing but it is much more than that and thus this post will help you in getting better understanding as to how Muay Thai can help in improving your life.

Preparing For Muay Thai

Here are some of the tips which can help you in gearing up for Muay Thai. If you are a newbie and some odd queries hitting your mind for which you are seeking answers then this post is for you. How it would be; can you try it on your vacation to Thailand; what repercussions would it have in your health and some of the basic tips are what this post will answer! Read and try with the open mind, there are no side effects, only the proud which will make you feel that your visit to Thailand was worth it.

1. You don’t need to be in shape to start training for Muay Thai: Don’t think that you need to be very much in shape before enrolling for Muay Thai. This is because it is a skill sport and you need to focus on techniques which will increase your focus and patience gradually. There is an altogether a different type of vibe in the training sessions of Muay Thai because this is something which you are doing for fun and as you become more conditioned, you improve your fitness.

2. Expected to be stuck at first: The warm ups and conditioning drills will be challenging at first, they are expected to be! But we know you are prepared for this and so are your trainers! So as a piece of advice instead of getting frustrated by it, get fascinated by this as a sport and let this passion drive your focus. It is very well understood that you will learn it gradually like a natural athlete. Plus you are not learning it for to win some medal, it is just to make your trip to Thailand more valuable and interesting.

3. Don’t forget to breathe: Breathing out is the important part of Muay Thai. You may hear others making funny grunting noise while striking, holding pads or getting hit in sparring. Even if you don’t want to make those noises, it is very necessary to breathe out so as to flex your abdominal wall tightly. If you want a tip here, then start with making a habit of saying ‘hush’ whenever you strike.

You can start it as a fun activity at Muaythaiworlds Camp but gradually you will start feeling the health benefits that it provides! The mobility exercises may give you bumps and bruises in the initial stage but with the healthy end in sight, you will feel motivates to practice it!     

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