Best Netflix Tips and Tricks

Netflix has got unlimited content and you can watch all the shows by just paying a minimal monthly subscription fee. Your watchlist is always full of the marvellous movies and TV shows. If you are registered with Netflix ultra, then you can stream the TV shows and movies on your tablet, phone, PS4 and also on the laptop. The VPNs help you to access the content which is not available in your county. And if you know only that technique of using VPNs to access the content from other countries, you are missing a lot. There are numerous other tricks, tips, secrets, and hacks that’ll unleash the true potential of Netflix. We’ve jotted down some of the tips and tricks for Netflix in this post. These wonderful tricks take your Netflix experience to the whole new level. They help immensely to get access to more content. They’ll also help you to discover the new features and new shows and helps you to refine your watchlist. Isn’t it cool? Then read our techniques to become a Netflix ninja. For best movies online also checkout for movie websites.

Integrate Rotten Tomatoes to your Netflix Search

We all know that Rotten Tomatoes is a massive website with the information and ratings about thousands of movies all across the world. We often search for the movie ratings and scores on Rotten Tomatoes to find out a new movie. Then we go to Netflix and search for that movie title and watch. Isn’t this process boring and long? There is definitely an easier way to do this.

There is Chrome plugin called Netflix Enhancement Suite. It integrates the Rotten Tomatoes ratings to all the movies on your Netflix. There are other features in this plugin like IMDB facts. extra movie information, trailers etc. It’s a great plugin for the Netflix users. Movie buffs will find this useful and it saves you a lot of time.

Manual Mode

Netflix algorithms automatically arrange the My List section and they create a playlist for you based on the movies you have watched. If you think that algorithm is not perfect and you want some changes in the My List section, go to this link There you can rearrange the movies according to your desire. After that, go here and rearrange the heart’s content by simple drag and drop. That’s it! Now you have changed the My List section as per your requirement. Now, the best part is all these changes will be synced up across all the devices you are using including PS4. Now, as the list is in manual mode it will allow you to add notes to the movies and TV shows. You can also checkout for kickass movies.

Flix Assist

Do you love “Are you watching?” pop up on Netflix. We bet, you do not. It’s annoying and frustrating. You get your snack’s bowl and lie down on your bed to binge watch the TV show and immediately after the few minutes, you’ll see this awkward 30-second popup which pauses the show. 30 seconds seems super long and it’s definitely annoying. You may lose interest because of this marathon of popups. Now, the good news is there is a chrome plugin which helps you to bypass all this nonsense. Download Flix Assist Chrome plugin and say goodbye to popups. It also removes the useless countdown at the beginning of each new episode!

We hope the above tips helped you to enhance the Netflix experience. There are more tips and tricks to use Netflix more efficiently. Keep visiting our blog regularly as we share more Netflix tricks. If you know any other new tip for using Netflix, share with us via comments section.


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