Steps of Selecting the Right New Orleans Law Firms

Looking for a reliable law firm is a must. Undeniably, there are a lot of New Orleans law firms but not all of them are efficient enough for the job. For someone who never met a car injury attorney it is quite intimidating. But how can you probably get a lawyer who can handle your case? Here are the guides how!

  • Talk to your friends, co-workers, relatives, and family. See if they know a firm or if they can recommend someone to help you. If they happened to have the same situation as yours, ask their experiences working with the attorney they recommended.
  • Aside from talking to your family and friends, you can also do research via internet. If the firm is legit and known by its quality services, then searching in the internet will be easier. Once you finally landed to their website be patient enough to review it. Don’t get carried away with he advertisements posted on their sites like “we are the best” or “top law firm in New Orleans”.
  • Yellow pages can’t help you either. You must remember that the best lawyers or firms have lesser advertisements or don’t have any advertisement because they would rather depend on the feedback of their previous clients or referrals.
  • A legit law firm or attorney is active or involve in any New Orleans organizations. So in order for you to ensure that you have chosen the right one look for the third party verification like legal publications to see if sch firm has positive publicity or even the negative ones.

During the first meeting with the lawyer there are some things you must have in mind.

  1. Where or how to reach him right after the meeting? Get all contact numbers so you can easily get in touch with him.
  2. How is the payment services handled? Are there fees need to settle after the case? How much?
  3. Aside from the lawyer you are talking now, are there any lawyers helping you win the case?
  4. Just in case you lost the case and no compensation is given, will you still pay the attorney? If yes, how much he will charge you?

In many or common cases the charge you will pay is contingency fee which is 33% of the settlement agreed.

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