Natalie’s Views On Fracking Procedures

Natalie’s Views On Fracking Procedures

Natalie Walet might not be a known name to all, but in her field she is surely bringing some change bringing into light things that can have severe damaging effect on people and society. Recently Natalie Walet joined the Washington DC based lawyer agency Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and affiliates as a Tax Attorney for the company. The main stream of studies during Natalie’s bachelor degree was arts and she completed her degree course in 2010 from the University of Tampa. She had completed her law degree in 2014 from the George Washington Law School.

Upon successful completion of her law degree, she decided to undergo intern opportunities to consolidate her knowledge in practical field of legal world.  Subsequently, Natalie Walet worked for the law agency houses such as, Harris Country 333rd Civil Court for 2 months and for Harris Country Multi District Litigation Court, for another 2 months from May to June 2012. She was appointed under internship by the US district court, Florida, in its Tampa Division.

In continuation of her internship session in US district court, she was also transferred to its associate branches like St. Petersburg and finally worked for the main Florida segment.  Soon after, she got a chance to work as a Law Clark for the Executive Officer’s office under the control of Governor. This was a unique opportunity for Natalie Walet enabling her to learn the comprehensive areas linked with clerical and administrative activities done in law firms.

Some of her duties included drafting of papers for law proceedings, filing in addition to maintaining and indexing law documents apart from assisting her colleagues and seniors. Natalie also served for Jacob Burns Community Legal Clinics for about a year. And finally, she was absorbed by Skadden with higher responsibility to perform as Tax Attorney. In the present role, she is chiefly responsible to inspect and study tax related issues as well as commercial activities done by enterprises and wide spectrum business law areas.

The voice of Natalie Walet published in the popular publication George Washington Journal of Energy & Environmental Law in regard to the role of federal government and EPA for stopping the careless practices in Hydraulic fracturing by the major oil and gas companies has been highly appreciated by inhabitants of New York, Florida, PA and many other states of the US.   As conveyed through Natalie’s report that oil and gas companies involved in fracking procedures to uplift underground natural gases and oils. Importantly, they mostly don’t abide by the preventive measures of fracking resulting in water pollution and soil which is harming to human health.

Natalia Walet sincerely hopes that once the information is highlighted by EPA, the federal actions will surely empower the EPA to reinforce the law ‘Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act’ ,FRAC Act, on this issue and implement the same with immediate effect to help citizens come out of this problem, shortly. She also makes aware all societies and individuals about the damaging effects of fracking on them because of careless management systems should be considered as personal injury. And, they should take legal advisory against this to safeguard their as well as society’s interest.

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