The Best Recipes For Masks With Activated Charcoal

Masks With Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is natural. This is an animal or vegetable coal that has undergone a specific treatment and has strong adsorptive properties.

The characteristic features of the drug are the ability to absorb and neutralize the negative effects in the human body caused by gases, poisons, toxins, hydrocyanic acid, alkaloids, glycosides, heavy metal salts, and sulfonamides.

Activated charcoal mask preparation

There are a lot of activated charcoal recipes for the face. Choose only one in which all the ingredients are available to you and have long been known. And do not forget to align the chosen mask with your type of face. Before choosing the activated charcoal recipe we recommend you to check reviews.

1) Mask for the face coal + gelatin from black points

Activated charcoal (1 tablet) is ground, mixed with gelatin (1 teaspoon), diluted with cold milk (2 teaspoons) or water. Thoroughly stir everything (dissolve no need to wait), put in a microwave for 15 seconds, cool and treat the areas of the face with black dots. The mask is removed after it has completely dried (this will happen in 15 minutes).

2) Cleansing face mask for coal + cosmetic clay

Activated charcoal (1 tablet) grind, mix with green or black cosmetic clay (1 teaspoon), dilute the mixture with warm milk (1 tablespoon), and then pour gelatin powder (1 teaspoonful) into it. Leave to stand for 15 minutes and warm up in a water bath until gelatin is completely dissolved.

3) Rubbing from ice cubes with coal for oily skin

Activated charcoal (1 tablet) chop, pour boiled water (10 tablespoons), mix thoroughly, pour into ice molds and clean for a day in the freezer. With these cubes, fatty skin can be wiped at least every day.

4) Soothing mask of coal + rose water

Crushed activated charcoal (1 tablespoon) pour rose water (two tablespoons) and add the essential oil of tea tree (2 drops).

5) Mask coal + yogurt for detoxification

Milled activated charcoal (a tablespoon) is mixed with yogurt (2 tablespoons) and lemon juice, just squeezed out (a teaspoon).

6) Classical facial mask with coal against inflammation

Crush activated charcoal (2 tablets) and dilute the resulting powder with ordinary filtered water in such a way as to produce a gruel.

7) Mask of coal + aloe from acne

Chopped activated charcoal (teaspoon) is mixed with aloe juice (a teaspoon) and sea salt (half teaspoon), add the essential oil of tea tree (2 drops), bring to a gruel state with water (a tablespoon).

Correctly cooked, the coal mask for the face will surpass all your expectations with its effect: cure inflammation, dry it, normalize the sebaceous glands, and most importantly – provide deep lifting to your skin without any salon procedures. Keep reading

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