Why Children Should Be Encouraged to Try Multiple Sports?

Many young athletes tend to specialize on single kind of sports. A child could start playing soccer or baseball since the age 6. They play the same kind of sports year round. Repetition in movements could actually cause muscles stress and eventually injuries. In fact, just plain boredom could also affect our productivity. It is not uncommon for teenagers to experience bad shoulders and cumulative injuries by the time they are starting to enter professional career. In essence, they are no longer fresh athletes emotionally and physically, even before they start a professional career. Although it is important to have focus on one type of sports, parents and coaches should actively encourage children to participate in other kinds of sports.

Sports should be about fun and excitement. It should be something that causes boredom and stress. In this case, it is essential to allow children choose the type of other sports that they are interested in. In fact, a time away from sports should be healthy mentally and physically. Athletes also need vacations and it can be relaxing for our mind and muscles to not doing those repetitive movements for a while. Any athlete will experience a poor year, so new sports can help them to shed discouragement before they make a fresh beginning. By choosing other sports, we could savor our previous victories, before finally going right back into the fray. It would be a bad idea to have a single mindset for things we do in college.

There is an unknown factor that we need to consider and we don’t know whether a child has a superstar talent. There’s actually a possibility that we see children has a real talent that bursts explosively in an untried sport. So, it is important for us to immediately encourage younger children to try multiple sports, so we can define the proper type. We should encourage small children to do so, especially by allowing them to participate in sports that look incredibly fun. Hidden talents can be difficult to discover, so children shouldn’t be focused only on a single type of sports. Injury is a bad thing, so we shouldn’t let children to become more vulnerable by trying only on specific types of sports.

We should consider lifetime skills that children can enjoy. They could actually achieve this situation by giving children proper lessons in a variety of sports; such as skiing and tennis. Soccer can be fun, but it can be a horribly bad thing, if children prefer basketball or baseball more. Just because a child is tall, we shouldn’t assume that he can naturally play basketball. It is not too uncommon to see children to be pressured in sports that have zero interests. They may not be able to dribble or shoot well. In any case, children should have a clue on things that they are asked to do. In fact, if children are interested in more obscure sports, it is important for parents to support them.

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