How To Keep Your Trees In Good Order

The best thing about having a garden is the shade that the trees provide, and in order for that to continue, there needs to be regular pruning and maintenance carried out. Pruning trees is a combination of helping the tree to grow healthily and also making it suitable for the immediate environment, and without expert guidance, things can go horribly wrong. Unless you happen to be an experienced arborist, the tree maintenance is best left to those who do it for a living, as they would know when, and more importantly, how to prune, in order for the trees to realise their full potential, and that includes your shading requirements.

How To Keep Your Trees In Good Order

Online Research

If you have green fingers and a lot of time to spare, you can do some online research, which will enlighten you to the ideal environment for your trees, but if you have neither the time nor the inclination to get your hands dirty and tackle above ground work environments, tree services are available in Perth to make sure your trees are in good condition. The dangers of a tree that has not had any attention for years is considerable and a storm could uproot the tree, causing serious damage to property, and maybe even life.

Fungus and Diseases

If a tree has lost excessive outer bark, or the leaf spread is not as usual, this could be an indication of a disease.  There are some fungi that once it gets hold of a single tree, will spread to others, causing major damage that might result in removal. Signs that a tree is affected with a fungus include yellowing of the leaves and an unusual amount of missing bark, although the best thing to do is to call in an arborist, who can quickly determine the cause of the problem.

To Fell or Not to Fell?

This is the question, and one that only a qualified arborist can answer, as you might think that a tree has seen better days, but with the right treatment, it could go on to provide many more years of service, so always make sure the tree is best removed before proceeding, and if felling is the only option, make sure you hire a suitably experienced tree surgeon who can safely carry out the work.

Public Liability Insurance

PLI is an essential component to any tree services company, and with heavy trees that have to be felled, one must employ a fully insured contractor, who is fully covered for any eventuality. Ten tonnes of wood might look like it will fall where you want it to, but in reality, the tree could easily spin on its axis, which changes the weight distribution and that can make the tree change direction in mid-flight.

Any doubts about what to do regarding your trees can easily be addressed by talking to an experienced arborist, who can recommend the right course of action at the best possible price.

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