Why Homeowners Love Glass Splashbacks

Glass has long been considered one of the most versatile and timeless materials on the market today and it is used in everything from industrial applications to simple appliances in residential homes. However, some homeowners fail to realise that they could be taking advantage of glass and its versatility by incorporating it into the aesthetic appearance of their homes. For example, glass splashbacks can have a huge impact on the perception of a kitchen, making it more inviting and interesting to guests in the home.

Why Homeowners Love Glass Splashbacks

Simple Installation

One of the biggest benefits of glass kitchen splashbacks in Perth is that they are extremely simple to install, especially if you hire a professional to do the service. Whether you need to put just half a metre of glass on the wall or far more than that, the panels arrive at your home with holes drilled in them ready to go. After a simple and relatively quick application using a bonding agent, your glass splashbacks are ready to make your kitchen look amazing.


Glass bottles can be found intact hundreds of years after they were blown and the same will be said of your glass splashback. New and improved production methods have also created glass that is far more durable, resistant to scratching, and more difficult to crack or break with an accidental blow. Toughened glass is the material most commonly used for these type of projects, meaning that you have few to no maintenance requirements and can allow your family members to use the kitchen without fear.


Glass has a way of capturing the light in such a way that it draws the eye, meaning that you can use it as a clever accent to draw more attention to your décor. The sheen and shine of this material will give your kitchen a more modern and attractive look, especially if you compare this material to other options such as ceramic tiling. Glass will never need grout or mortar to keep it in place, meaning that you have no reason to scrub it for hours just to get it clean and gorgeous to behold.


Similar to any other type of glass surface, maintenance requirements are as simple as using a glass cleaner and a clean washcloth. Simply spray, wipe, and dry to ensure that your splashbacks remain as beautiful and clean as the day they were first installed. For households with many children and pets, this is the ideal solution for such a crowded and likely hectic type of environment.


Splashbacks can come in a number of colours to suit any type of kitchen décor and style whether you want something bright and warm or cool and muted. You can create a truly custom kitchen from the lower cabinets up if you choose this option and you could help yourself stand out from your neighbours. The benefits of this type of installation should immediately begin to add up over time, allowing you to love your kitchen and create the look that you always dreamed of having in your home.

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