5 Incredibly Simple Ways To Make Smart Tyre Choices

The right choice of tyres is an important one as a lot of factors affecting your vehicle’s performance depend on it. Well, a smart choice of tyre can even make a difference environmentally and also for the community. There are a plethora of angles and aspects you need to look at before purchasing the tyres. So there are variety of things you must take into consideration to make an informed choice. Here are some simple ways to keep in mind while buying tyres for your vehicle:

1. Do Your Homework

There is more to tyres than just their prices and availability. Tyres are a very important safety feature for vehicles and therefore it is important that one takes into consideration all the aspects. If your vehicle’s tyres are not in the right condition, or not suitable for the weather conditions, then you compromise on the driving quality and put yourself and others at risk.

So it is a mandatory that you learn about the tyre basics before making the purchase. Know about the types, treads, sizes, geographical limitations of the tyre etc. to ensure that you make the right choice.

2. Research and Buy From the Right Place

Apart from the knowledge about tyres, it is important you know the right places to buy and get fitted your tyres from. These days you don’t have to just depend on dealerships for replacing and purchasing new tyres as you are presented with a number of websites that let you buy tyres online.

3. Consider the Community and Your Pocket

You need to keep in mind your surroundings and vehicle use. Say for example, tyres that do not make a lot of noise will ensure quieter surroundings and in the same way, purchase of ‘green’ tyres will also fulfil your environmental responsibilities.

If a rather large fraction of your expenses include fuel expenditure, it is a wise decision to go for fuel efficient tyres such as Michelin fuel saver tyres or the Ecopia range of Bridgestone tyres that have lower rolling resistance. A lower fuel consumption will ensure that the percentage of fuel expenditure reduces while the savings go up.

4. Weather Limitations

Don’t forget to keep the geographic and weather conditions of your locality in mind before purchasing tyres. If you live in an area with harsh winter, it is advised that you opt for the winter tyres that stay soft and flexible even in extremely low temperatures. For other areas that have a fairly moderate climate, go for all season tyres.  Read reviews online so that you make an informed choice.

5. Grab Those Deals

Make use of the numerous offers and deals available for tyres. These offers provide great value for your money and are easy on your pocket too. There are websites with features like ‘Deal of the Day’ or combo offers that you should take advantage of.

The right tyres will ensure that you use your car optimally and will offer efficiency in mileage, with reduced fuel expenses and superior driving quality. Make use of the tips mentioned to have a pleasant experience while and after buying tyres.

By Azzam Sheikh

These tips have been contributed by Azzam Sheikh, a tyre consultant at Tyre-Shopper, UK.

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