Kitchen Worktop Types- Its Pros, Cons, And Features

Kitchen Worktop Types- Its Pros, Cons, And Features

The kitchen is the heart of an accommodation, it not only make the house look appealing, but also define your standard of living. Therefore, house owners, nowadays, don’t hesitate to spend their life’s savings and earnings on a kitchen remodeling venture. Kitchen worktop is a significant segment of any cooking space, which can make or break the kitchen area. Thanks to number both small and big players in the market, choosing the perfect worktop is often a complicated task.

Kitchen Worktop Types- Its Pros, Cons, And Features

There are typically four types of kitchen worktop: Solid Wood, Laminate, Granite and Tiles

Before, you make the purchase for a Kitchen worktop; understand the features, lows and highs of each one of them.

Solid wood

Solid wood is a great choice for its color and high-standard appeal that can embellish any kitchen setting. But, always remember, wood is bound to incorporate wood, cut, and become stained too soon, if not taken proper care of. In addition, hot pans can burn a solid wooden worktop; this is indeed unhygienic as a chopping board itself. The exclusive advantage of wooden worktop is that slight surface damages can be refinished without much fuzz. Opting for solid wood worktop for a breakfast outlet as a contrast to laminate one, elsewhere can give the kitchen that individual, vibrant appeal. In addition, solid worktop doesn’t call for regular maintenance.


High-pressure laminate Essex worktops are quite popular nowadays; they are affordable compared to other worktop materials. It offers an extensive choice in terms of finish and colors. In general, they are easy to install, durable to stay for many years without much maintenance. But, the pitfall associated with laminate worktop cannot be refinished, if they become damaged in use.

Granite or marbles

Granite or marbles are the most commonly used for natural looking Essex worktops. They tend to be expensive, but quite durable. They come in an array of color, but being a natural material one or two flaws are on the expected line. Unlike, granite, marble material tend to attach strains and become porous more quickly. If your kitchen remodeling project is a constraint, then you go for granite or marble for targeted zones, like the hob or the sink area, and choose laminate for elsewhere.


Tiles on contrary to all, are easy to maintain and have endless that comes to choosing something that blends with the whole cooking space setting.

How to begin the search for worktop?

Kitchen Worktop Types- Its Pros, Cons, And Features

The best place, in the 21st century to look for a kitchen worktop is over the internet. However, ordering a product from the first eCommerce site you come across; search the internet to check out the previous customers’ ratings about the product, you planning to buy.  But, don’t trust every review listed on the internet, read them carefully to make out which of them are guanine. Or you can always, ask your friends or relatives, who have recently purchased a new worktop for recommendations.

At last, the above comparison information will help you make the process of buying a kitchen worktop a lot easier.

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