Student Accommodation – 6 Signs You’re Onto A Bum Deal

Get it right when it comes to choosing the best student housing Newcastle has to offer and you’re looking at a good few of the best years of your life. By contrast, find yourself lumped with a bum deal and you’re pretty much looking at a nightmare until you manage to move out and find something better. Of course, it’s not like anyone ever goes out of their way to find a dodgy deal, but some will inevitably find themselves staring down the barrel of something unfortunate.

On a positive note, it’s getting harder and harder for nightmarish landlords to get away with operating in a way that’s anything but above board. But while ever there are the odd bad apples in the bunch here and there, it’s important to have your wits about you and to take nothing for granted.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick look at six tell-tale warning signs that the deal you’re considering might not in fact be worth bothering with:

Beware Bargains

First of all, quality student accommodation doesn’t come free of charge and there is indeed such a thing as a deal that’s too good to be true. Generally speaking, most towns and cities have a sort of set average price you’ll be looking at for your accommodation – some being priced slightly lower and higher than this. As such, when you come across a place that’s practically being given away and you can’t find any specific reason why this is the case, chances are there’s something amiss and it’s all a little too good to be true.

Student Accommodation – 6 Signs You’re Onto A Bum Deal

No Agency Representations

While it’s unfair to say that every property on the market that isn’t represented by an agency is dodgy, it’s almost unheard of for a dodgy property to be represented by an agency. As such, the safest option is always to side with the pros when it comes to both searching for and securing that ideal property. Going at alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in for a disaster, but if and when you go the DIY route and something goes wrong, you’re pretty much 100% on your own.

The Exteriors Are in Poor Condition

Does it really matter that the garden doesn’t look nice? Will it affect your studies if the building’s exterior looks a little rundown? Technically no, but at the same it does tell you something less-than reassuring about the property’s owner. The simple fact of the matter here is that if they cannot be bothered to keep their building looking at least decent from the outside, chances are they’re not going to be inclined to pull their weight should you ever need their help. It’s a sign of laziness and corner-cutting – not the kinds of folk you want to be renting from over the next couple of years.

Lack of Feedback

Asking for and considering feedback represents a standard and pivotally important part of the process for anyone looking to move into new accommodation. And with the web being as free and open as it is, there’s usually a ton of feedback to be found about properties, areas and landlords alike. Chances are they’ll be more than happy to share this feedback with you if it’s positive. If by contrast it’s nothing to be proud of, you might find it rather difficult to come across any at all. Always ask to be put in touch with references before making your decision.

Complex Contracts

These days, one sure-fire sign of a property owner that’s not to be trusted is one who insists on making contracts as complex and long-winded as possible. It’s a totally unnecessary practice and one that happens only so that the landlords can cover their own interests to the finest detail – not that of the tenants. You should be able to understand every word of the contract and it should be in no way OTT when it comes to its length and the terms it contains. If in any doubt, don’t sign it!

You’re Put Under Pressure

Last but not least, there’s only one reason why a landlord would pressure and hurry you into signing – they’re desperate to unload the place. By contrast, those with genuine confidence in the place they have and the deal they offer will know that even if you say no, someone else will be happy to take the place pretty soon after. So if they’re desperately trying to get you to sign up by using pressure of any kind, it’s not usually a sign of a deal you want any real part of.

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