16 Adventurous Kitchen Hacks to make your Life much Easier

16 Adventurous Kitchen Hacks to make your Life much Easier

Do you specialize in kitchens, or do you feel like you don’t even know where to start? The kitchen is one of the most special and important parts of your home, and this is space in the house where we eat, drink and entertain guests.

But when it comes to the kitchen, it is a lot more than cooking, and most people need help. Laziness is not always a bad thing – it can even help in some cases. If people make up their minds to find shortcuts, it will make life easier. Most of us have a lethargic attitude when painting a picture about food or shortcuts.

1) Aluminum Foil DIY hacks

Do you ever reuse your bag of chips, biscuits, or other snacks you could not finish, but you all come out of a plastic zip-lock purse? Try again next time. Take a piece of aluminum foil and place it on top to open your snack bag. Before closing the lid, heat the foil with a flat foil and iron. It makes the impression of keeping your snack fresh until you are hungry again.

2) Steps to open a Sealed jar

Hold the jar at an inverted angle and run a hot water stream to extend the metal cap. This method works best on a previously open jar when you close the lid tightly and kept it in the store for further use. Cut the pot at an oblique angle to extend the metal cap and run a hot water stream.

16 Adventurous Kitchen Hacks to make your Life much Easier

3) No Tears anymore: Onion Hacks

When you chop onions, it is almost impossible to cry. But there are too many hacks to stop. You can chew gum because your sense of smell is closely related. Or, you can put a piece of bread in your mouth, which prevents your eyes from smelling.

4) Prevent the fruit from Turning Brown

Anyone who has packed a meal at work or school knows that apple slices start to turn into chocolate after a while, which is never as tasty as freshly cut.

Of course, there are tricks to fix it. After crushing your apple slices, sprinkle lemon juice on them. The acidity helps prevent them from turning brown, and it also gives them a delicious taste.

5) Straw the Strawberry Top

If you want to use strawberries for cooking, an excellent way to remove tops is to stick your straw through them. Take a straw at the bottom of the pointed strawberry and lift it. When this happens, it takes the white part of the strawberry and the green leaves, making just one pink berry.

6) Let’s sharpen your Knives

If your knife is not working well, but you do not have the proper sharpener, do not be afraid! You can use the raw ceramic edge at the bowl’s bottom to sharpen your knife. When it works, you should try to make such a bowl look very valuable, as it will release some early signs.

7) Pizza Cutter Hacks

Almost everyone has a pizza cutter in their kitchen, but they can be overused. It is also suitable for cutting jellyfish and lettuce. Next time you do not want to use a knife, take your pizza cutter.

8) Instant Cold Coffee

When you serve cold coffee to your guests, ice reduces the strength and taste of the coffee. Now, drinking iced coffee never tastes good. For example, coffee, iced tea, or wine for life, turning your liquid drinks into ice cubes. When the cube melts, it creates more soft drinks without adding water.

16 Adventurous Kitchen Hacks to make your Life much Easier

9) Zipper Pocket Hacks

If you indulge in ice cream, you want it to be a perfect consistency cream. To keep the ice cream cool and in the fridge, place a box or container in a zipper bag and seal. It will be tender until you are ready to eat.

10) Form Meatball using an Ice-cream scoop

Ready to make delicious scarecrows for spaghetti and meatballs? You may have problems making all the meatball uniforms. Next time, when hand-made meatballs form in your hands, they will look bigger, shrink or break quickly.

Getting frozen meat in your hand can be very dirty. The easiest way to solve this problem is to use a small ice cream spoon. It will help keep your hands clean, but make sure every Meatball is the same size.

11) Pre-microwave using hacks

Suppose your chips or snacks sit for a while and start to get wet, all to make them refresh again kept them in the oven for five or ten minutes. They become nicely crispy again, and you don’t have to throw them away. It also works in microwaves.

12) Hacks for cleaning cutting boards

After regular use in the kitchen, the cutting board will get many scratches on it. Since they can be an expensive investment, you need to make sure you take care of it to last longer. You can clean your cutting board by sprinkling coarse salt and rubbing half a lemon on the wood.

16 Adventurous Kitchen Hacks to make your Life much Easier

13) Vinegar Hacks

If your kitchen is filled with fruit flies, put some apple cider vinegar and dishwashing soap in a bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and avoid too many holes in it using a toothpick. Flies are interested in vinegar, but the combination of soap and vinegar can be fatal to them.

14) Use glass to Peel Fruits

The peel of the fruit is very different from other fruits. It’s hairy skin, it’s inedible, and needs to be peeled-off the edge. At least it sounds weird to say, and you want to get it done as soon as possible.

A good idea to use for your entire kiwi is to separate the glass’s edge and its skin from the fruit. Now, making a healthy smoothie and fruit salad is easy.

15) Organize kitchen and make some extra space

It’s great to use your kitchen space instantly. Install cheap hooks in your kitchen cabinet to maximize your storage space. Measuring spoons and additional kitchen utensils can be added here will! Clean the rest of your kitchen with these hygiene-space utilizing tips.

16) Lemon Juice DIY

Next time you need fresh lemon juice for making lemonade or any dish, Try this restaurant lemon juice hacks. Microwave lemon for 7-10 seconds. Then, slide the lemon back and forth under the palm of your hand on the table. When you squeeze, with a little effort, you get more juice from lime.


Our lives have become more straightforward, thanks to technology and innovation kitchen appliances and accessories. However, how efficient it can be technology depends on how well it’s been used.

These amazing hacks will not complicate your daily kitchen work in many ways and help you to do the work on time without any disturbance. I hope you find this article useful for more such valuable blogs, Bookmark our page.

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