The Most Underused SEO Tactics

The Most Underused SEO Tactics

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles all over the Internet and in books that teach you about search engine optimisation. However, the more time you spend reading these articles, the more you’ll realize how many of these tactics, tricks, and techniques are repeated. Many of these tactics are difficult, if not impossible, to implement on your own.

For example, it’s well known that high-quality backlinks are essential to your being able to rank higher in the search engines, but it can take months of diligence to earn just a few of these links. There are many more strategies for SEO in Dubai and around the world that are time-consuming and expensive to apply, but there are also quite a few tactics that are not very well known outside of the realms of SEO professionals, agencies, and the search engine companies themselves. This article will explore a few of these techniques in hopes that they will help you increase your search engine rank.

Domain Registration

When you purchase your domain, you’re going to be allowed to choose a length of time that you can own that domain. This information is required to be registered in most countries so that the information is publicly visible. That also means that this registration is visible to the search engines. Research has shown that the major search engine providers are in fact using this data to affect search rankings. In fact, the longer the period of the registration, the better your search engine rank can be. When you register your domain, it can be helpful to purchase the longest registration possible. If, for example, you have the option of registering the domain for one year or five years, you should choose five years. Of course, depending on the demand for the domain in question, this could be very expensive, and the changes to your search rank are likely to be negligible. Still, if it’s affordable and you believe that this domain will be the one you keep, it wouldn’t hurt to choose the longest term possible.

Be Smart About Your Anchor Text

What exactly is anchor text? Anchor text is the string of text to which you might anchor a link to another page on your site. For example, if this article contained a reference to another one on this page, there would be a string of words in underlined blue text to indicate to readers that clicking that text would take them to another page. In the past, it was extremely popular to simply create anchor text that asked people to click. The anchor text ‘click here’ was quite possibly the most popular for a number of years. However, using these kinds of terms won’t help you with your internal linking strategy at all. Anchor text is actually a very valuable metric to search engines, and they do look for things like keywords in this anchor text. Ultimately, you want to ensure that your anchor text actually contains your focus keywords for the article or page to which you’re linking. In doing this, the search engine’s web crawlers will see that your website is linking to that page as a resource on the subject of that focus keyword.

Create Opportunities for Internet Links

It’s crucially important to be concerned, not only with external links pointing back to your site but also with links inside of your site. You want to create a web of pages that point to each other, and this is important for a few reasons. It shows the search engines you are creating content that’s relevant to itself. In other words, if you can link one article to another, you obviously must have an underlying theme, and thus, your site must be relevant to web browsers interested in that theme. It also makes it easier for visitors to navigate your site and find that relevant content. If you don’t create links between pages, it will probably be very difficult for readers to know that you have other content on that same subject. This will result in the average visitor spending less time on your site, and this lower engagement rate will not be good for your SEO.

All of these internal links also help search engine crawlers navigate your site. The more your site is crawled, the better the search engines will understand your content. All of these factors are extremely important to SEO, so you should not only look for ways to create internal links, you should actually be creating opportunities.

As you’re writing your next piece of content, try to think of another article that supports this new piece. At some point in your new article, write out an enticing sentence or two along with strong anchor text linking to that other page. You’ll want to continue with this habit, and even go back to previous pages and edit the copy to create new opportunities to link to older content.

Create Relationships with Influencers

In most markets, there are a handful of extremely popular websites and social media personalities that are worlds ahead of others in the space. You must realize that these people are being e-mailed dozens or even hundreds of times every week asking for interviews, backlinks, and guest posts, and most of these e-mails must be ignored. If they were to respond favourably to every one of these e-mails, they’d have no time to create content of their own. It’s simply not realistic to think that you’ll be the one person who lands that interview or guest post. The people that do receive help from these influencers are typically also influencers, but the others are generally selected because they’ve established a relationship with these people. Pick out a few influencers in your market, follow them on social media, and begin to interact with them in a helpful and friendly manner. After a few months of this activity, they’re likely to know who you are and what you do. This will no doubt become helpful when it comes time for you to ask for an interview.

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