Join This Training And Show Your Expertise In Oracle

Join This Training And Show Your Expertise In Oracle

Oracle golden gate training is an online course created to make you as an expert in solving case problems and testing their reason. One can just use golden gate software to find methods to solve the issues. Oracle Golden gate is a software package for real time data integration and duplication in different IT environments. This product will give you capability to use solutions for real time data integration or transactional change data capture, transformations and verifications between operational and analytical enterprise systems. Oracle Golden gate 12C will enhance the performance in data configurations and management, tighter integration with oracle database. It will also support cloud environments and expanded differentials and enhanced security. When you want to be expert at Oracle, you can join this training as it will make you to clear at all concepts of Oracle. This is the best training to educate oracle and to make one to clear at the end of session.

Oracle Golden Gate Training Profiles:


  • It involves concepts to understand oracle golden gate solutions for live reporting, real time data warehousing, live database and high availability.
  • It supports databases and platforms
  • It also involves advantages of oracle golden gate

How To Install Oracle Golden Gate:

  • Just download the software
  • Install oracle golden gate
  • Explain the sub directories
  • Enable the logging

Oracle Golden Gate Technology and Architecture:

  • The two components are processes and files
  • It mainly define the architecture of golden gate
  • It will also refer design considerations

Configuration and Environment:

  • It involves designing the manager process
  • The manager parameters will also be described
  • It involves creation of manager process
  • Designing global files
  • Designing initial load

Data Definitions File:

Under this various concepts related to data definitions file will be explained as,

  • Overview of data definitions
  • Situation of using data definitions file
  • Configuring data definitions file

Designing Change Capture Delivery:

Under this, various synapses like,

  • Preparation of a source database for transaction capture
  • Description of high level configuration steps
  • Explanation of change capture and delivery in either choice as with data pump or without data pump will take place
  • The comparison of online operation
  • Explanation of oracle golden gate check points
  • Description of extract process
  • Addition of remote and local trails.
  • Initiation of data pump
  • Explanation of duplication process
  • Initiation of duplication process

Oracle Golden Gate Commands:

  • Executing golden gate commands on GGSCI prompt
  • Executing golden gate commands on obey files
  • Executing golden gate commands on OS shell
  • Finding the types of GGSCI commands

Golden Gate Security Features:

  • There are three kinds of security features and they are message, trail and password encryption
  • Controlling command permissions on CMDSEC file

Advanced Configuration:

  • It covers data mapping and manipulation
  • It involves the concept of taking decision on data mapping and conversion
  • It covers the concept of data transformation
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