Roman Hospitality: TOP Beaches In Rome and Around

Going to Rome for vacation, never forget that Mare Tirreno is situated 25 kilometers far from the Eternal City. It takes you about 30 minutes by suburban train to get to the beach. Of course, you may hire a car in Rome to use it at your pleasure. There are many lakes in the suburbs. They are hot and bright. Of course, this is a good idea to go swimming after the hot touristic day. This is not a problem for Romans.

Lido di Ostia

So, welcome to Ostia lido – beach that is 30 minutes far from Rome. This is the most popular place for swimming for all Romans. There are many cafes, night clubs and restaurants, municipal beaches and cheap pizzerias in the territory. The sea in Ostia is not as clean and ecologic as you wish to see. Nevertheless, this is the first place to be saved from the summer hot for Romans. Pluses: it is easy to get by foot; there are many restaurants around the beach; you can buy ticket for private territory, clean and comfortable.

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The second popular beach not far from Rome is located 60 kilometers. There is nothing more prestigious than Anzio. You know, Anzio was the important city and port. The city is full of ancient villas and sea attractions – water ski or yachting. You can taste the best fish dishes here, drinking white wine made of local grapes.


Sabaudia is located 95 kilometers far from the South to Rome, surrounded by the most beautiful National Park. This is a place for local celebrities, cinema and show-business stars. You can find good sandy beaches, special atmosphere and amazing Paola Lake. This lake is spread over the beach territory for 7 kilometers. The sandy beaches of Sabaudia are long clean and modernly equipped.


The direction from Rome to Sperlonga is 115 kilometers. This is a picturesque place, crossed by natural rocks and caves. It comes out from the Latin word speluncae – cave. This is a white city with narrow streets, panoramic squares, towers and rocky fields. Sperlonga is a typical fish town with fresh air, blue sky. It is full of restaurants, where you can try national dishes, made of fresh seafood. The recipes are secret.

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San Felice

San Felice is the next attractive resting place 100 kilometers from Rome. The city is located in the bottom of Circeo Mountain on the little island. The main features of this interesting place are high rocks, deep caves and sandy dunes. Water routs take you from one cave to another – this is the best-selling attraction here. Learn the most interesting of them: Grotta delle Capre is located not far from the sea light, Grotta Azzurra is available just from the side of water in a good weather; Grotta dell’Impiso o Impiccato is situated from the side of the sea light; Grottadei Pipis trelli is situated not far from Acropolis.

When the weather is good, you can see the Islands of Ponza and get there by boat or ferry. The historical city center is concentrated not far from the Dei Templari (popular tower of the Knights of the temple). Do you like dancing and night life? You can go and have fun by visiting the most popular disco clubs of the coasts of La Bussola and Chez Nina. If you are fond of diving, you can see the new city symbol – bronze Crist’s statue that was watered in 1992.


Fregene is a popular beach for everyone, who is aimed to spend free time like Romans usually do. The beach is situated 37 kilometers from Rome. You know, it is not very far, especially for natives. What a pleasure to go to the beach after the hot sunny day in the city. It is not difficult to get there: half an hour by train (FL5, ticket price is 2,6 EUR) from Termini station going straight to Maccares-Fregene. This is not the end: you should go more for 4 kilometers by bus.

By the way, Santa Marinella – one more beach is situated not far from this place. The terminal station of this branch – Civitavecchia takes you to the line of popular beaches: San’t Agostino, La Frasca and Pirgo. You know, it is more comfortable to travel by car, is not it?

Bikini Back Rest

Santa Marinella

Santa Marinella is a pleasant exception from the rule. This is not a difficult thing to get there from Rome. The ticket costs for 4,6 EUR by train. It takes you a couple of minutes to get from the railway station to the seashore. It is very comfortable location for many people from the big cities. So, Marinella is overcrowded on weekend, especially on the territory of municipal beaches.

Isole Ponziane

Ponza Islands are situated between Rome and Naples. Obviously, you can get there by ferry from Anzio, Bormio or Terracina. It takes you about 50 minutes. The hotels are located on two main islands: Ponza and Ventotene. Ponza Islands are the best choice in Lazio region, of course, if you have at least a couple of days for your vacation.

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It is Impossible, but…

The seaside places in Italy are mostly private. So, you have to pay before get in the water. The average price for one day is about 10-15 EUR.

Remember the word cabana. This Italian word means tent, where you usually put your sunbed to hide from the sun. Private beaches boas with cabanas, clean and comfortable cloak rooms, shower and life savers.

Italian women prefer bikini to other sorts of swimming suits. You know, even aged women wear bikini on the beach. Do you like being topless on the beach. It is very popular in Italy.

The most of beaches that are close to Rome were awarded with the Blue Flag. This award is presented for clean water and seaside, maximum comfort and adequate personnel work and organization. The disabled people are in priority. So, the beach rest in Rome is safe and comfortable, as it must be.

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