Art Of Swimming: TOP 6 Big and Curiously-Designed Swimming Pools

There are many interesting original swimming pools in the world that are situated on a big high or decorated with special surprising way to be the real architectural masterpieces. Do you want to swim there? Some of them are available for public swimming. Others are swimming pools of a lux class that are mostly situated on the territory of big hotels. There are few unique pools that are not available for swimming at all. Anyway, you can always learn the territory around and take pictures.

San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo

The biggest and the most interesting swimming pool in the world is situated in Algarrobo Resort on the territory of the hotel San Alfonso del Mar. This swimming pool lies along the sea cost for 1000 meters. The biggest pool in the world differs with the unique structure. The water comes to the pool from the ocean. It is salt. The swimming pool is record holder as a popular place for yachting.

The guests have an opportunity to swim in the pool or sail on it. The beaches are surrounded with the picturesque sandy beaches. The hotel spends about 3 000 000 USD every year to keep the pool in a good order. This is a real world attraction. The depth of the pool is different in different parts of the pool. The maximum depth is 34,5 meters. It takes about 250 000 cubic meters of water.

San Alfonso Del Mar Beach

Golden Nugget, USA

The oldest and the luxury pool in the USA is the pool of the Golden Nugget Hotel. This is not just a pool but the real attraction that includes Oceanarium. This three level pool is available for tourists to swim and admire the underwater inhabitants. There is a big glassy tube, where you can swim down and watch sharks, exotic fish and other sea inhabitants. The three-level pool is characterized with beautiful decorations, water falls, roomy terraces with palms and marble columns and other exotic plants. You can see more than 300 sorts of fish.

The Icebergs, Australia

If you come to Sidney, you can see the unique swimming pool The Icebergs. It is situated on the territory of the Bondi Beach. It was opened 80 years ago specially for life savers. This was the first pool in the world that equipped with the heating system. This interesting feature gives a nice opportunity to train hard even in winter. This unique pool is available for swimming in summer and winter. You may consider a lot of nuances. To get in you have to pay about 5 dollars.

The swimming pool was opened in 1929 to be the only one complex with the school for life savers. More than 700 famous sportsmen graduated from this club. Bondi Beach is characterized with heavy waves. It is not very comfortable for comfortable beach vacation. The pool construction makes you feel like in the real sea with waves and comfortable resting zone close to the pool. Kids and parents are welcomed.

Bondi pool

Neptune, USA

Have you ever heard about the famous Hearst Castle in California? It was built in 1920 to be the property of the prominent millionaire William Hearst. The swimming pool is the biggest and the beast castle treasure. The pool is surrounded by the beautiful antique columns and statues. There is a museum here and visiting the picturesque swimming pool is the obligatory part of the excursion. The bottom of the pool is decorated with Egypt mosaic. Visiting this amazing place is like travelling over the Egypt and Roman provinces.

The marble terraces of the pool are decorated with the deep palms and other exotic plants. You cannot swim in this pool. The price for entrance is about 20 USD. If you want to walk over the castle territory without excursion group to take beautiful pictures, you have to pay 750 USD. The pool was built in 1924 to last for 12 years. It looks perfect now. Nothing but antique sculptures informs you about the age of the construction.


Hacienda Na Xamena, Spain

The popular hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is the best visiting place in Ibiza. You can easily hire the car in Ibiza and got to find it. The hotel is also famous of the amazing swimming pool. It is located in a picturesque bay on a rocky sea coast. The pool has three levels to be the best swimming complex ever. The pool structure is surrounded with elegant columns and arcs. The pool nosings look like the reefs imitation decorated with stones and shells. You have a great opportunity to swim in the pool and enjoy the panoramic view of the seacoast hills and deep forests. There are beautiful terraces around the pool.

The beach is located close to the hotel. Nevertheless, the most of tourists prefer spending the whole day in the pool instead of the beach line. If you decided to stay in this hotel, you can have one more pleasant surprise. You are offered to book a suit with panoramic windows and Jacuzzi. So, you may take aqua procedures in your room with no regrets.

Hotel Hacienda 02

Al Qasr, UAE

If you like swimming, you can meet the interesting swimming pool in the Dubai hotel Al Qasr. This swimming pool is considered to be the most luxury pool in the city. This huge pool boasts with interesting asymmetric form and comfortable resting terraces. Actually, the pool is the big complex with the water channels. This beauty is surrounded with the high palms and other exotic plants. The pool is really huge! It occupies the hotel territory all around. You can see beautiful terraces, restaurants, cafes. You spend the exciting day at the pool.

You can drink cocktails, swim, laze in the sun, and try something special from the world popular fish restaurant. It is also situated near at hand to be the pleasant surprise for all gourmand-guests. So, the list of impressive hotels is long. You can find something interesting and original to swim in every country. What is your favorite swimming pool?

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