Things You Can Not Miss In Luxury Hotels In Mauritius

Things You Can Not Miss In Luxury Hotels In Mauritius

Mauritius is a popular family, tourist, and honeymooners destination. Largely, this is due to the country’s excellent accommodation facilities such as resorts, luxury hotels, private villas, and beachfront suites. Top hotels in Mauritius are world renown for their high quality standards, first class world services among other attributes. A majority of Mauritian luxury hotels are located on the coastal strip with easy access to beautiful beaches and thriving coral reefs.

Here in Mauritius, hotels and luxury resorts differ widely in character and size. You need to exercise foresight in selecting the one that suits your holiday. For example, romantic luxury hotels hidden in coves for honeymooners or resorts with dedicated kid clubs are ideal for the family holiday. You can hire a private villa for your exclusive island holiday or rent a resort within an 18-hole golf course.


Top hotels in Mauritius provide a variety of entertainment to suit all ages and tastes. You will find night entertainment such as music and dance while a resorts spa is a great relaxing place for parents. Most resorts offer a variety of complimentary land, and water sports, yoga classes, fitness programs or tailor made exercises. Additionally, you can find services such as sunset cruising or dolphin watching invigorating. The island is usually divided into five zones with each zone having its peculiarity in accommodation, beach activities among other tourist attractions.

Mauritian hotels set on the beach offers include travel, club, and board rates. Most of these hotels feature clean, chic lines, and special lighting making them stylish retreats. You will find amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants and spacious spas  impressive. For those who love romantic secluded locations to spend time gazing at the setting sun, Mauritius has a lot to offer.

What to Expect

Mauritius that used to be a haunt for pirates is presently renowned for being a haven with luxury resorts on white sandy beaches amidst backdrops of volcanic mountains. Luxury in Mauritius is surprisingly affordable. It is an island worth exploring with colonial houses, Indian temples, opportunity to spot rare bird species and botanical gardens. Inhabitants are well known for hospitality to visitors as can be attested to by numerous reviews.

Mauritius’ tourism hub is in the north that has the highest concentration of beaches, hotels, and resorts. In the east, you will find some of the island’s exotic hotels and expanses of white beaches with the calm sandy beaches of the west appealing to most family tourists. In the south, you are sure to find hotels set amidst gentle stretches with pounding surf and cliff tops. The island is promoted as an all year destination. It’s peak touring season runs from October to April usually hot, humid, and rainy with warm and dry winters.

Looking for an exotic holiday? Mauritius has everything that you could ever need. Depending on the reason for your visiting the island, you will surely find great deals on accommodation and activities. Picking the right place Luggage Online to stay is challenging though. With many hotels and resorts offering different deals, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

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