How To Battle Senioritis In College

Battle Senioritis
Battle Senioritis

Senioritis is not a real condition, of course, but it feels like it when it afflicts you. Indeed, senioritis involves the following symptoms: lack of motivation, unsure of what to do next and not wanting to go to class or complete homework. Moreover, you may start to lose interest in your courses.

If this sounds like you, you don’t need to fret – there are a lot of things you can do to conquer senioritis. The good news is that you only have another two semesters of school left. If it’s the half-year mark, you may only have a couple left. However, the half way mark is usually when senioritis is at its worst. Here are some ways to battle senioritis in college.

Go on a Vacation and Recharge

One of the best ways to battle senioritis is to recharge and one of the best ways to recharge is to go on a vacation. You don’t need to go far, but you do want to reward yourself. After about a week, you’ll start to notice the restorative and rejuvenating effects of getting away. When you do get away, you want to rest as much as possible.

Drop Unnecessary Courses

Another way to battle senioritis is drop any courses that may be dragging you down. For instance, you may be taking a class or two that you don’t necessarily need for graduation requirements. If you already have the credits, you may be able to drop those courses. This is especially important if you are not getting a good grade in those courses. In fact, if you don’t drop those courses, not only could they be making your senioritis worse, they could also be dragging down your GPA.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Whether you are getting Villanova’s master of taxation or another type of degree, you want to realize the importance of exercise. Getting a lot of exercise a great way to stay focused and on top of your studies. If your campus has a gym, you may be able to schedule a workout into your daily routine. If your campus doesn’t have a gym facility, you may either be able to find a gym in the closest town, or you may be able to take laps around the campus.

Start Applying to Jobs

In your last year of college, much of the senioritis can come from the fact that you don’t know what you want to do when you leave. This mounting pressure can make things quite stressful. This is why you want to nip things in the bud and start looking for available positions. This will help you alleviate some of the pressure and it will feel good to be proactive. Plus, you’ll increase the chances of having a job when you graduate.

Join Forces With a Friend

On top of everything, you may want to join forces with another senior – perhaps a friend that you are close with. When it comes down to it, you don’t want to suffer from senioritis alone and having a friend on your side can help you battle the symptoms. In the end, it is as simple as always staying on task and working together to get through the last year of college.

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