Tricks To Concentrate Better

Tricks To Concentrate Better

Many of our daily activities requires good concentration. Even if you practice it for one week or a month, the result won’t be fruitful if your brain isn’t performing well. Here are some tips you can do to increase and maintain your concentration at work.

Tricks To Concentrate Better

Prioritize Tasks

Improve your concentration by tackling big jobs first and then the small jobs. Make a list of all the tasks that you want to do and prioritize them as you like. Add some deadlines to the projects that you want to do.

Modify your Environment

It is highly recommended that you remove from your environment as many distractions as possible. The television , people talking , favorite music of yours will catch your attention to devote to preventing the important task . It is also important that you are comfortable, so be sure to monitor the temperature of the room, use a comfortable chair, etc. . .

Use Strategies to Control your Thoughts

If you find that you are unfocused and you’re thinking about something else , repeat a phrase . Telling yourself words like ‘ Focus ‘ or ‘ study hard’ will help you stop thinking and re- focus on the content of what you’re doing.

Play Video Games

In a classic study shows that people who played action video games improved their visual selective attention , were able to serve more stimuli and were more efficient in the way of use their attentional resources . So, try to play games that you are interested in.

Change Content

This will prevent you get bored doing the same thing all day. Alternate materials or tasks and also the level of difficulty, or the type of learning strategies that must be implemented.
Get Organized for anxiety.

Sometimes we have so much to do we do not know where to start, and when we grow , we invade thoughts and concerns about what still remains to be done . A good strategy to avoid those distracting thoughts is to organize daily activities and maintain a schedule, this will facilitate every moment we focus on the task that we have to make .

Make your Mind as Dark Picture

Your thoughts may come and go but oppose to follow each one of them. Then your brain will definitely slow down your thoughts and you feel much better.

Find an Interesting Topic

Try to find an interesting topic that will help you to concentrate better. If you are selected a unnecessary topic that will through your mind into darkness. Be inquisitive in finding new topics.


If you find any difficulty to let go of your thoughts then try counting. This will help to resist your thoughts. Breathe slowly as you count that brings your attention on the work you do.
Make exercise.

A whole body of literature points in the direction of that exercise improves cognitive performance. Aerobic exercise improves the ability of selective attention in a group of children.

We know the task is hard, so do not forget strengthen you for the effort. Yes, it is important to reward yourself, do it for fulfilling a particular goal.

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