Picture This: How To Transform Your Walls and Make Your House Feel New

Picture This: How To Transform Your Walls and Make Your House Feel New

It’s important to be economical when it comes to home updates. Sometimes, everyone’s American dream needs a little help, but things can get scary if you get too carried away with investing too much time (and money) you don’t have. Sometimes the most simple accents can really help tie a room together.

As an example, I recently renovated my basement and added these super cool, vintage looking heat registers that add some serious pizzazz that I would not have thought possible with just a simple heating vent cover, but like I said, it really helped tie the room together.

Here is an easy and cost-effective DIY project to add a nice little touch to your home without sapping all of your resources.

Photo Wall

A photo wall can be a fun way to update your house and show off your family. Be careful not to add too many photos; a wall filled with you and your family members might be endearing to you, but it might be creepy to your guests and your kids’ friends. Though let’s be honest: you’re the one taking the time to make the house look nice, and it’s your house anyway. Add as many photos as you want!

Step 1: Choose the accent wall

The first step here is to choose which wall you want as your photo accent wall.

Removable wall paper is always an option for those who are unsure about committing to a color or who are renting. You can even put on a removable wallpaper to try out a color, then paint over it.

If you are ready to commit, you can take the wallpaper down and permanently paint the wall—until you are ready to re-renovate, that is.

Step 2: Choose pictures

Once you have readied the wall, it’s time to think about the pictures.There are many options when choosing pictures and selecting the perfect print for them. You can have a theme or have an assortment of different photos. You can make them fun, or you can have formal family pictures. You can even have a photo session specifically for this project.

Make sure to include everyone: your partner, your kids, your pets, your family, and don’t forget yourself!

Step 3: Add frames

For a classy look, choose simple and elegant frames. Even when trying to save money with DIY projects, it can be nice to invest some money in some nicer details.

Choosing unique frames can make the look you are going for and it can be less of a hassle for a designer with limited time. Explore your options for hanging your photos, it could be the perfect opportunity to invest in a higher quality item that can make your project look professional.

Of course, DIY is always an option. You can raid an antique or thrift store, find some frames you like, and spice them up a bit. You can remove the glass and paint the frame. You can use twine and hang them with miniature clothespins. You can get a cork board and pin them up. Even a life-sized scrapbook wall hanging could work. The choice is yours!

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