Characteristics Which Make Akoya Pearls Stand in a Class of Its Own

Pearls are the essence of beauty, magnificence and esoteric nature. These beautiful jewelry accents lend an outstanding exuberance to your personality and a remarkable disposition altogether. But considering the shape, size and price value of these accented ornaments, you may quite often be thrown with one straight question – why is the price of one type of pearl exceeds that of another.

What makes all the difference? Well, the answer lies in its distinguishing characteristics and qualities. Take for instance- the quality of Akoya pearls (saltwater pearls) is a bit higher than that of various freshwater pearls, and therefore, these pearls are often high priced.

  • Characteristic#1

 These saltwater pearls are more rounded than their freshwater relatives

 The saltwater pearls are produced in Japan and have a very refined roundness. Freshwater pearls, on the other hand, are oval or teardrop, or elongated and sometimes even conical in shape. The roundness of these pearls is inherited from mollusks as they make a perfectly round shape around the nacre.

  • Characteristic#2

 Akoya have low yield and high value

The harvesting of Akoya generally occurs in pairs for the reason that the beads are rooted within gonads of the mollusks. The unique process of bead nucleation gives the saltwater pearls a superior rounded shape, making them class apart from freshwater pearls.

  • Characteristic#3

 High luster in the Akoyas

The pearls that come out from Akoyas mollusks have a high intensity of luster in comparison to all other known pearls. The primary reason for this shine lies very much in the manner of their breeding. The breeding process of these mollusks takes place in cool water, which gives them outstanding shine than the freshwater pearls.

Now with the characteristics of salt water and fresh water pearls defined and discussed, you need to make the final decision. It is necessary that you make an informed decision on your purchase of the pearl necklace, depending on the size, quality, and the price value. And finally, never make any decision in haste, or you may end up in a big chaos.


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