Green City: 6 Most Stunning Natural Sights Of Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the largest English cities, which is known throughout the world as a city of science. The city features a large number of universities, colleges and schools.

However, in addition to this, Birmingham also attracts visitors with its beauty, the presence of a great number of gorgeous parks and squares, natural monuments and sights. By the way, even the locals call it ‘the green heart of England’. This is because Birmingham is the only place where an incredible number of parks, gardens and greenhouses are concentrated. Well, let’s check out the most beautiful of them…

Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park - Spring flowers

Cannon Hill Park is an ideal relaxing spot for the whole family, offering various sights including boating lakes, playgrounds, tennis courts, tropical greenhouses and nature conservation areas. It’s also home to the Midland Arts Center. A pedestrian and bicycle paths stretch along the whole park territory. The park also hosts many concerts, performances and annual Fireworks. The entrance to the Cannon Hill Park is free of charge.

Address: Birmingham B13 8RD

Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park

Occupying more than 600 acres and including 30 lakes, this delightful village park is situated on the north-eastern border of the city. It’s open to visitors since 1975, lakes and ponds were created from quarries for gravel mining. In Kingsbury Water Park you’ll find a lot of birds because this park is of national importance for wild birds living there. Located in the heart of the park, Brumei Croft Farm is an excellent spot for children allowing them to feed animals from their hands.

Address: Bodymoor Heath Ln, Sutton Coldfield B76 9JB

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens, Birmingham, Alabama

The Botanical Garden is located not far from the center, in the Edgbaston district. The garden opened its doors in 1829, but since then everything has changed dramatically. Nowadays there are four greenhouses in Botanical Gardens. In the first greenhouse with its special microclimate you’ll find tropical plants, in the second one – plants of subtropical climate, in the third – with Mediterranean climate, in the fourth – plants of more arid world areas.

The botanical garden looks like a Victorian landscape park, with an area of ​​about 6 hectares. The visitors find amazing the fact that this huge botanical garden is situated right in the center of Birmingham. More than seven thousand kinds of plants grow on the whole park territory. The oldest plant is the Chinese juniper, which is more than 250 years old. Also, this fascinating garden is a motherland for different kinds of birds including exotic ones. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a very popular place among tourists, because you can enjoy there the natural beauty of the city, and take a break from visiting boring stone monuments and buildings.

Address: Westbourne Rd, Birmingham B15 3TR

Sutton National Park

The Walk - Sutton Park

This national reserve park occupies 2,400 acres of natural beauty with wooded areas, wastelands, wetlands and small lakes. Sutton Park is home for a huge variety of wild animals and birds, such as kestrels, pheasants and wild swans. Volunteers and park rangers help to keep order in this reserve, and separated a part of the park for cattle for saving young birch trees. In the park there are also two golf courses, several restaurants and children’s playgrounds. Some sports activities are popular there: mountain biking, sailing, canoeing, as well as jogging and walking. There are special places for launching small models of aircrafts and helicopters.

Address: Park Road, Sutton Coldfield

Sheldon Country Park

Beecraigs Country Park

Situated southeast of the city center, Sheldon Country Park is one of the amazing parks located in Birmingham. It was built with the aim of making the rural life ‘closer’ to the urban population. It occupies over 96 acres of parkland, with a huge functioning farm with numerous animals in the center. This is exactly what makes the park so attractive for the families with young children. There is a program of activities including nature walks with a guide available all year round, and there is also a tea room for a rest.

Address: Ragley Drive, Church Rd, Birmingham B26 3TU

Winterbourne Garden

Winterbourne Gardens, Birmingham.

This garden is of a special scientific interest and is under state protection. With the area of ​​about 28 thousand square meters, Winterbourne Garden is a kind of garden villa, which is practically lost in the world. The building was constructed in 1903, and not long ago the villa was renovated and opened to the visitors.

This place is great for visiting with the whole family, because there are souvenir shops, a small cafe and a gallery. Also, there is a forest in the garden, where you can walk enjoying the surrounding landscapes. The beautiful house of orchids and greenhouses are also at your disposal. It’s always very bright and colorful there, because plants and shrubs are almost always in bloom.

Address: Birmingham B15 2RT

Summing it up, Birmingham is a wonderful destination with a plenty of beautiful parks and gardens, which offer great opportunities for relaxation. So, if once you want to escape from the city bustle in Birmingham, set off to any of these spots. Want to find them quickly? Use car rental in Birmingham for easy getting around the city.

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