The Most Amazing New Designer Dresses For Women

Hey there! Planning to attend a wedding or social gather at a short notice?

Although it is not that easy, but it is real fun.

With the wedding season around, you must be looking to buy a designer dress for you. To help you out many fashion designers are designing dresses to suit your requirements for every occasion. These designer dresses are capable to enhance your beauty and add to your personality.

In case you are not sure what to do, here are 7 amazing designer dress ideas that you may consider.

  1. Designer Saree

If you are looking for a traditional designer dress that that can impart the most contemporary, glamorous and stylish look, then the designer sarees can meet your requirement. With its sheer elegance, beauty and unique quality of the fabrics used; this is an unparallel option for women for getting draped for all occasions. The best thing with a saree is that women of all body types can look beautiful in a designer saree and whether it is a wedding party or a social gathering or typical corporate evening you can wear this with matching designer blouse.

  1. Designer Lehenga Choli

Designer Lehenga Choli is the latest craze of the Indian women. This dress for girls has gained so much popularity that the versatile Saree is facing stiff competition from this vibrant women outfit. Being a bridal and festive dress, it is made from fabrics like brocade, chiffon, silk and come with elaborate embroideries and zari works. You can get many types of lehenga like flared, mermaid, straight etc and the choli also have many variations. When worn with a matching Choli, this three piece dress is sure to enhance your beauty.

  1. Designer Churidar Kameez

Churidar Kameez is another most popular designer dress for girls for casual, formal and festive uses. This comfortable wear is also highly patronized by the Bollywood Divas. You can get this in different varieties of fabrics, designs and styles. With a Kameez of matching length and necklines and a tight fitting Churidar, it helps to showcase the feminine beauty.

  1. Designer evening gowns

While considering other than traditional dress designs for women, designer evening gowns hold a very prominent place for making unique fashion statement. These are usually of floor length with a tight waist and fitting neckline. Available in many fabrics and vibrant colors these are great for wearing in any occasion.

  1. Designer short Prom gowns

While looking for western dress designs, the short prom dress is good to wear. This is very comfortable, easy to dance type and you can wear it in any parties. These glamorous short dresses are made from luxurious fabrics with embellishments and are available in many color options. Ending inches above the knee, this delivers a more youthful look.

  1. Designer fusion dress

The designer fusion dress is the latest trend in designing dresses for Indian women. This is a beautiful fusion of Indian and western style. This ready-to-wear gown imparts the look of a saree and is worn with suits of various designs. Wearing this, one is sure to stand out of the crowd.

  1. Designer Tops with pants

Although this is mostly a daily outfit, the designer tops with pants have invaded the fashion landscape for its contemporary look and convenience. You can get tops with different necklines and color options and wearing this with a matching pant, imparts the most modern and trendy look.

How to get these?

There are many branded boutiques who sale designer dresses for women. Many online shops also display the latest fashion trends online. You may get your dream dress form any of them.

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