Can A Cutting-Edge Digital Video For Business Generate Value and Revenue?

Our world today revolves around media. Media is used to keep up with current events. We use social media to communicate with one another and share ideas with people across the globe without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes. So in a world like this where people spend more face time with their phones than they do with each other, yes, a cutting edge digital video can definitely generate value and revenue for a business and here’s why:

1. Video for All

Everyone and I do mean everyone watches videos. Whether they are movies, television shows, cartoons or just random clips on YouTube, videos have completely taken over the world. When you really think about it, when was the last time someone with a smart phone picked up a book or a newspaper? Watching a video requires less mental effort than reading a book or a newspaper, so it stands to reason that people prefer the videos. So when you want to market and advertise your brand or product, video will get you the more viewers than a newspaper add or a billboard.

2.  The Internet

digital-video With a digital video that can be viewed online, any business can suddenly open themselves up to  an audience of billions. Even if one out of every hundred people who view the video end up  sharing it, your audience grows larger. Furthermore, all you have to do is bear the cost of the  digital video production and upload it either onto your own website or a social media network  that has a lot of users. After that, the viewers will take over the advertising for you, provided you  make an attention grabbing video.

Researchers have estimated that by 2017 “online video services will double in usage reaching more than 80 percent of all Internet users worldwide.1” So why not tap into this large pool and reap its benefits?

3. Tracking User Engagement

user-engagementWhen you post and add in the paper or on a billboard how can you track how many views your ad has received? How can you track the effectiveness of these advertising strategies? The answer is you mostly can’t, you can only speculate. But with digital videos posted online it is easy to keep an exact count of how many people are viewing, liking and sharing your video. This makes tracking and generating leads a lot easier and the leads you get will be mostly authentic from people who are genuinely interested.

You will also immediately know whether your video is working or not and in both cases you can take action right away.

4. Psychology Behind Digital Video for Business

Can A Cutting-Edge Digital Video For Business Generate Value and Revenue?Now that we have established that videos are by far the best form of advertising in today’s world, let’s understand how we can make them more effective. First off, you need to know your target audience. Who do you want to aim the video at? Teenagers? Senior Citizens? New mothers? Athletes? Once you have that down, you can then go on to designing a video that will engage and retain that particular audience. Your video should have a relatable story with relatable characters (for the target audience), it should have clever twists and special effects enough to keep your viewers engaged until the end of the video. Only then will your video generate value and revenue later on.

Any digital video production company like Toolbox Studio will use the aforementioned strategies to make your video.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Can A Cutting-Edge Digital Video For Business Generate Value and Revenue?

The last and most important thing to do is SEO. You need to direct internet traffic towards your video to make sure that your target audience is seeing it. SEO companies have an array of different strategies to make this happen. Your website should have a strong web presence so much so that any keyword typed in to a search engine should make your website pop up on the first page.

Investing in SEO for your business will definitely be worth it as it will help you generate a larger audience as time goes by.

So there you go. Take the plunge, hire digital video services and invest in a cutting edge video to market your brand across the web. If done right, the revenue will begin to come in sooner than later. Be sure to keep revamping your brand to keep the audience interested.


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