Smart Jewelry Is The Next Big Fashion Accessory

Smart Jewelry Is The Next Big Fashion Accessory

Trends come and go as the seasons change, but one that has managed to stick around and is predicted to stay for quite some time is smart jewelry.

What is Smart Jewelry?

Smart jewelry, or wearable tech as it is sometimes called, are fashionable and functional pieces that can do everything from monitor your heart rate to alert you of incoming calls and text messages. Although wearable tech used to bring images of thick, plastic fitness trackers to mind, nowadays, designers have completely transformed the industry, making these pieces chic and stylish.

In fact, you may not even notice your friends are wearing smart jewelry, since most pieces are indistinguishable from regular jewelry. That gold, chunky bangle your friend is wearing? It could be a bracelet designed to cover a fitness tracker. The cushion cut diamond ring your sister has been sporting? It could be a wearable tech piece that connects to her smartphone!

Smart Jewelry Is The Next Big Fashion Accessory

The Hottest Smart Jewelry Pieces

How can you incorporate the smart jewelry trend into your wardrobe? With rings, bracelets, necklaces and more, there are endless options when it comes to wearing smart jewelry on an everyday basis.


Ringly has created an edgy and adventurous line of what appears to be basic cocktail rings, but are actually smart jewelry pieces in disguise. These rings connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to send you vibrations when you receive a text, call or email. With Ringly, women can finally have the freedom to put their phones away at dinner without worrying about missing an important call!


Beacon and Lively is another smart jewelry company that creates pieces designed to notify women of calls or texts. However, Beacon and Lively creates a sleek and modern cuff bracelet that goes one step further than the designs at Ringly. Put this silver cuff on your wrist and program it to light up red when a family member calls or texts, blue for your best friend, and yellow for any notifications that can be ignored.  With this design, women don’t have to dig deep into their purse to see that a call is from a wrong number, all they have to do is check their wrist!


Vinaya has a line of jewels that can be purchased within a pendant setting or loose to customize on your own. When worn in a pendant necklace, the piece adds style and personality to any outfit, whether you’re going to a cocktail party or trendy club. But the real magic is what this stone’s technology is capable of doing. Once connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth, you can program the jewel to filter important emails and texts based on keywords that you choose. Women can now choose to not be notified of texts or emails that contain the word “work” for example, allowing them to disconnect from that stressful part of their lives while still staying connected to those that matter.

Take a look around you next time you go out. Those gorgeous bangles or eclectic cocktail rings may look like regular pieces of jewelry, but they just might be part of the next big fashion accessory movement, smart jewelry!

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