Best Short Weekly Hours jobs in 2019

Shortest weekly hour’s jobs are a great choice. Generally, office jobs and common jobs working hours go between 38-40 hours per week. Most employees accepts working for 40 hours per week because this is the common number or hours equipped weekly , office jobs mostly starts at 9 am  and ends up at 5 pm.

Well, our world is full of different jobs, industries and different weekly hours schedule as well. The shortest weekly hours jobs starts from 17 hours weekly all the way up to 39 hours weekly. Would you like to work for only 17 hours per week? Seems interesting but working less hours means making less money, in most cases let’s not generalize this. Some of these jobs are perfectly suitable for people who have other responsibilities or circumstances which makes it so heavy on them to leave their houses or children or anything they leave behind for a long working hour’s job. , or it would be simple like this specific person doesn’t tolerate working for long hours on daily basis.

Here are the common shortest weekly hour’s jobs:

  1. School midday and crossing patrol occupations.

These workers in this unit group are responsible for supervising the schoolchildren during activities or during break time and meal times as well as assisting children crossing roads near to the entrances of schools and exit doors. Being school midday doesn’t require any kind of educational degree; all you need is either a previous experience in caring for children or simply being a reliable person which honestly care for kids. School midday and crossing patrol occupations works for 17 hours per week .which makes it the shortest weekly hours job.

  • Schools and children originations are always in need for honest candidates who would pleasurably take care of children and help them in many daily activities , if you’re interested in working in such field , you can search famous online jobs websites like com and apply online .
  1. Theme park and leisure attendants.

Being a leisure attendants and theme parks means you’ll be responsible for monitoring the operation of amusements parks. They will also check tickets for the cinemas and theatres show, by helping people sit in the right seat number and make sure it’s all under control. Another part of their job is to operate rides and rollercoasters at theme parks and seasonal funfairs, and also take care of guests needs and entertain them while waiting for a show or at any time their help was asked for. Leisure attendants usually work for 24 hoursweekly.

  • This job is considered fun besides being operated for short hours as well.
  • If you’re interested in operating in such fields, make sure you stay up-to-date on job openings through festive seasons or even while you’re studying. You can check com when festive season begins!
  1. Children Play workers.

Play workers role includes deliver and facilitate fun activities for children in both informal and formal setting and places, like play dates in play schemes, play groups and even in public parks locations. Play workers can either make after-school activities or even during school activities inside the school itself. This job role is considered fun and includes working with kids which might be a comforting job for people who really adores kids at different ages. If you occupy this job you’ll be working for about 28 hours weekly and you’ll get paid well also.

  • Children play workers are always in demand, children activities are always in action and don’t rely on special seasons.
  • You can either apply by person or online through famous online job websites like com.
  1. Dancers and choreographers.

Dancers and choreographs direct, rehearse, devise and perform contemporary or classical dance routines. They are the ones behind the great work we see on stage, they demonstrated and direct the moves for several training classes; they also develop basic dance moves and turn it into a great dancing show and performance. Dancers wouldn’t have fixed hours schedules per week, put even if they have a massive amount of classes they wouldn’t limit a 29 working hours per week.

  • You could work as a freelance dancer or a choreographic, until you build up a great reputation and open up your own dancing school one day.
  • Schools are always hiring dance teachers and even art institutes, log to com and find the perfect dancing job offer.
  1. Florists

Florists are artistic flowersdesigners. They usually sell flowers and related natural products like small plants and even artificial flowers as well. They contribute their talents in many ways; they make beautifully designed floral bouquets, retail business and even design weddings theme flowers. Florist’s usually works for 29 hours weekly , and sometimes over time can be faced when they have weddings , events or any activity which requires flower designs .

  • If you’re a talented florist, be sure to invest your talent in a smart way, build up a solid reputation which can make you superior other florists and can be known in town.

Short weekly working hours are a great choice for people who are not interested in making a rapid growth in business world. Working in any of the above mentioned jobs doesn’t need you to work for 40 to 42 hours weekly, but it will also limit down your financial income, if you’re interested in making great amounts of money then of course you’ll need to operate more hours in different business industries and fields. You need to evaluate yourself and know exactly what industry you want to grow in and which field is the field that suits your personality perfectly.

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