Sure Ways To Get Facebook Likes!

Sure Ways To Get Facebook Likes!

If you’re looking for ways to get Facebook likes, then you could make use of the following proven ways. However, in any scenario you may also opt to buy facebook likes for instant results overnight.

Take help from your Friends:

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll definitely have lots of friends too, then why not let them do something for you. Post on your Facebook timeline about your page and request them to check it out and like it. This is the best way to get started to get likes quickly. This will especially work if you have a new page as all your friends would definitely check it out and like it which in turn will help you spread the word to the people you don’t know and get more likes once they check out your page.

Use Facebook Advertisements:

The best way to get people check out your Facebook page is using Facebook’s own advertising network. It shows people ads based on their interest. So you are likely to get advertised on someone who is interested in your products or services.

Join Similar Groups:

Engage in groups that are relevant to your page. This is the good place to let people know about your page and have them check it out and get more likes!

Use Twitter and Twiends:

Link your Facebook page to your Twitter page and explode your Facebook page. Use Twiends that is actually made to get followers on Twitters, but you can use it to get more likes of Facebook and Youtube as well.

Give Incentives:

Offer something to people to like your content such as giving out discount coupons or put your content in such a way that only people who like your page can access the content. Add new and interesting content so that people share your post or page with others and get more fans using the power of content.

Comment on Blogs that have Facebook Enabled Comments Section:

Blog commenting is going to work for you only if you comment on blogs that have enabled Facebook. Everyone who is participating in the conversation is online on Facebook and might check out your page. You can also use your own blog to promote your page by writing an article on your blog about your page.

Add ‘Like Box’ in your Website:

If you’re not using this feature you’re losing out on lots of likes.

Use “Suggest to Friends” Feature:

Use this feature and invite your network to check out your page and like it. However, make sure you don’t annoy or irritate people by using this feature again and again by sending frequent invitations.

Conduct a Contest for Fans:

Build excitement among your fans by conducting a contest. This will enable more and more users to like your page to be a part of the contest. Make sure you review Facebook policy to avoid getting blocked or banned.

Implement the above 10 ways to get Facebook likes and your page will definitely become popular.

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