Why Premarital Relationship is Important for a Better Marriage

Real love is hard to find. But it’s not true that it doesn’t exist. Everyone is constantly looking for their life partner, be it in college or on online dating sites. But why is there a mad rush to fall in love? Why is there a hurry to be in a relationship if you are not planning to get married in the next few years?

The answer is simple – you want to taste what a relationship feels like. You want to be loved and reciprocate the same feeling towards that person. Most importantly, the experience of being in a relationship is what thrills you. This is exactly another way of defining dating.

The desire of two individuals to know each other, explore love, and understanding, if they can go on to get married, is what premarital relationship is all about. This search of finding a soulmate can start when you are in high school, in office, or even when you are not expecting to find someone. But to make the relationship work and take it to the stage where both of you are ready to say, “I do,” there are few positives of premarital relationship that you need to know.

Decision making is a joint venture

When you are in a relationship, there are decisions that you need to take together; whether you want to go on a holiday together or if you are going to move in, and things like that. Forcing big decisions to be on your side will never help a relationship, let alone end up getting married. The way you two decide on big decisions before marriage will help understand what the married life will be like.

Improving on things in common

There has to be a common point where you and your partner agree. Even people who try to find their partner on online dating websites check the bio before showing interest. It is a natural inclination to search for someone who shares some common interests with you. Even popular dating sites like LoveSita will try to match your bio with someone who has similar interests and passion. But once you find the common link with your partner, you need to build that into a fortress. As you start encouraging each other’s interests, a bond will automatically grow. And, that bond will stay forever.

Get into the comfort zone

Do you feel comfortable when your partner is around? That’s the biggest motive of premarital relationship before marriage. If you hesitate to speak about anything, don’t want to disclose your feelings, hide a truth – you will never be happy with your married life. Remember, marriage is a long-term plan. The seeds that you sow in a premarital relationship will bear fruits after marriage. If you plant seeds of comfort and unconditional love, your marriage will be one of the successful ones ever.

You might have many relationships before marriage. But that is a way of experiencing where your comfort level lies. What you need to understand is marriage is an extension of a premarital relationship. If you are successful in the latter, you have a better shot at a happy marriage.

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