How To Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Messages – A Basic Guide

Whatsapp has now become a part of our daily lives. Most of our messaging is done through this application and most of our secrets are hidden in its history. Whatsapp has made our life so much easier and it is simply very easy to exchange secrets or hide something significant on whatsapp. Now-a-days, whatsapp hold so many skeletons that the cupboard feels too small, and this is a concern especially for parents, spouses, employers that whether something suspicious is happening right under their noses.

Thus, they look for different ways to know what is going on their employees’ or child’s or spouse’s messaging application. Very often they have to sneak in especially the parents and spouses and go through their messages but it is too risky and can get caught. For these people, there are other ways to hack in someone’s whatsapp.

  1. Whatsapp spy using spy software-

This is the easier way to spy on someone’s messages on whatsapp. Although many companies sell substandard software but there are many companies like WhatsApp  mitlesen which are genuine and worth considering. It is quite simple to use these spy applications. First, you need to download the chosen application on the target phone you want to spy on. Secondly, install and consider the app for which you need to have the target phone on your hand for a few minutes. Finally, the whatsapp monitoring process will begin and the messages can be accessed from your online account.

  1. Spoofing the MAC Address-

This is a slightly difficult way. You can access someone’s whatsapp messages by spoofing the MAC address of the target phone from your phone. One of the loopholes of whatsapp is that you can run the same whatsapp account on your phone if yours and target phone has the same MAC Address. For this you would need to record the MAC address of the target phone and spoof the same on your device. For different operating system, the different ways of getting their MAC Address are below

  • Android – Head over to Settings —>About phone —> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address.
  • iPhone – Head over to Settings—> General —> About —> Wi-Fi address.
  • Windows Phone – Head over to Settings —>About —> More info —> MAC address.
  • BlackBerry – Head over to options —> Device —> Device and Status info —> WLAN MAC.

Once you get the target phone’s MAC Address, you can spoof your phone with same address and once this is done, install Whatsapp again. Once you do that, you can configure the application using the target person’s phone number and verify the account using the verification code received on their phone. If this is done successfully, you will have the exact replica of the target phone’s Whatsapp account running on your phone. Thus, you will receive each notification that they receive and will be able to see the messages and other activities of the target whatsapp user.

It can be really important to spy on someone when you are suspicious about their activities. Thus, pay caution while you involve yourself in spying. With these methods you have immense power, make sure to not abuse it and only use them in grave situations.

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