Traditional Belgian Beer and Where To Try It

As the the most popular alcoholic drink enjoyed by many, beer is the most popular and oldest drinks around the world. Brewed mainly from cereal grains like wheat and malted barley, it takes a detailed process starting from fermentation and ending in the final product. During this process, other items are added into the process to add bitterness, other flavors or act as preservatives. Below are some of the best traditional Belgian beers you can try.


DuPont Avril

The clear yellow beer with white froth has citric flavors and a yeasty smell. With only 3.5% ABV, it is very smooth and had additional tastes of banana and candy sugar. You can feel hop taste at a distance making this one of the most enjoyable beers Belgium has to offer. It is available in all restaurants in the country.

Feuillien Blonde

St. Feuillien Blonde

Made from spring water, pils malt, saaz and styrian golding hop together with house yeast, this beer tastes full in the mouth leaving a fruity touch. With top fermentation and re-fermentation, it has a malty aroma and a dry hoppy finish. All these ingredients provide a fruity taste and a bitterness that can only be felt at a distance. It has a deep gold color and alcohol content of 7.5%. Other than being a perfect combination with white meat, you can enjoy it with a salad. It’s available in many restaurants around the country like Davos restaurant.



With 6% alcohol content and a fruity hop fragrance, this beer is one that can be consumed in moderate quantities without causing any damage. The hop fragrance arises from citric notes, together with grassy and herbal hops. The color is golden blond with a complex taste, which is a mixture of the ingredients such as bread malt and hop. A bitterness that starts as malt sweetness and lingers long as an aftertaste is also something that consumers enjoy. You can try this beer at the villa restaurant where you’ll find amazing dishes to accompany the drink.

Corsendonk Pater Noster

Corsendonk Pater Noster

A chocolate egg cream smell is what hits you first when you open this beer. The taste is sweet with a mixture of other flavors like molasses, malted milk and rum-soaked raisins. 7.5% alcohol content makes it almost similar to wine both in strength and in complexity. Dark chestnut in color, the beer, which can be found in Le Rabassier restaurant, leaves a fizzy bitter taste in your mouth even though it begins as sweet.

Delirium Tremens

Delirium Tremens

This Belgian strong ale has a unique taste and packaging. The taste consists of malty aroma and fruity taste consisting of orange zest, green apples, bananas, and apricots. Although it can last for up to 36 months in a bottle, it’s better to drink the beer before it lasts too long. The beer is available in many restaurants in Belgium like impasse de la fidelite.


Belgium has a great variety of beers that have spread to other parts of the world. This, together with great food and amazing tourist attractions make it a great place to visit and live in. It’s also very easy to get transportation from Brussels car rental agencies making it easier to move around.

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