Sex Tips For Men: 3 Things Women Want You to Know

Sex Tips For Men: 3 Things Women Want You to Know

We all like to think that we’re dynamite in bed, and hey, you might be! But what if there were some hidden secrets, lesser-known tricks of the trade, that women are just wishing you knew? Sexual desire is a fickle creature and sexual performance and needs are some of the biggest taboos in our society. If you want to up your bedtime skills with women, take note of these three important tips.

Sex Tips For Men: 3 Things Women Want You to Know

They will often show, rather than tell.

It would be easy if everyone involved would simply say what they want when it comes to sexual desire, but as said above, talking about sex can often be a big taboo in our society. Women, in particular, are not taught to be open about sex, so be ready to hear what their bodies are telling you.

If she is kissing your neck a lot, that might be a sign she wants that too. If she often pushes you into a particular position, have a go at moving her into it too. Remember to check-in and see how she seems to enjoy it. You might be on to the next big thing for you both in the bedroom. Not only will it help you explore new areas, but it will also show her that you are in tune with what she wants, seemingly without her even having to say it. Suddenly, you’re magic in bed.

Sex Tips For Men: 3 Things Women Want You to Know

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

We know, it might seem obvious – but it’s true. On average, men climax after between two and ten minutes of stimulation, whereas women can take up to 20 minutes or more. Improving your sexual performance to make sure you are both left satisfied is likely on her mind more than penis size. If you want to up your game, but aren’t sure how to go about training that particular muscle, then there are dietary supplements and male enhancement pills that could lend a helping hand. Taking prescription drugs can be dangerous if you have low blood pressure or other ailments, so these options made from natural ingredients are a smart alternative for male enhancement.

Think of them as you would a supplement you take before going to the gym: everyone needs that extra kick to improve their game, and it’s just the same with blood flow, penis size, and male enhancement pills. The best male enhancement pill on the market that has passed all clinical trials is VigRX Plus, promising to not just patch up any problems with erectile dysfunction, but rather shows overall improvements for your sexual performance and wellness.

Sex Tips For Men: 3 Things Women Want You to Know

They have just as much sexual desire as you do.

Media and porn often tell us that men have more sexual desire than women. That is far from the actual truth, trust us. Once you get on board with the fact that she is loving this and has just as many sexual fantasies as you do, you’ll both be having a lot more fun.

Open up with her about what you want to try and ask her what’s on her mind, you might have whole new avenues waiting for you.

Sex is one of the most intimate activities that we do with one another: let’s make it a real partner sport. That also means you can drop the unnecessary sweet talk and buttering up to try and “get a woman into bed”. If she’s interested in you, she’ll make it known. Put yourself out there, listen to what she’s saying and doing, and the rest will come easily (pun intended). After all, why should you do all the work?

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