Indore – Check In To Get A Taste Of The Old And New India

Indore - Check In To Get A Taste Of The Old And New India

Set in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is the largest city of the state. An ancient state of historical importance, this city has risen up to grow and become one of the finest cities with some of the best modern amenities but still preserve the ancient royal look and feel of the city. Indore is also the only city in India which houses the two best chain of technical and business schools in India.

Indore is an interesting place to relax, enjoy and spend your time sightseeing. If you have access to internet, booking a room from Oyo rooms in Indore is just at the tip of your fingers. There is both a modern and ancient side to the city. In the midst of the shopping malls and complexes there are historical and cultural spots. Majestic palaces or architectural brilliance spreaded across the city reflects the rich heritage of Indore. Listed below are some honourable mentions of places to see during your stay there.

  • Rajwada – Standing in the heart of the city, this 200 year old seven storey high historic palace and wonder is built with a blend of Muslim, Maratha and French architectural style. The lower three stories are made of stone and the upper floors of wood. After some unfortunate incidents and accidents in the past, only the front facade of this monument remained for a long time, until recently when it was given a facelift to recreate its beauty.
  • Lal Baag Palace – Spread across an area of 28 hectares, this grand monument reflects the very essence of the lifestyle of the royal families Holkar dynasty. The royal families had expensive tastes and lived a lifestyle befitting a royal, and a visit to this palace will be a reminder to that.
  • Kanch Mandir – This temple of architectural brilliance is a Jain temple built in glass. The glass walls, ceilings, floors and door knobs even, are entirely inlaid with glass. This is a one of a kind temple you will never see anywhere around the world. Its uniqueness makes it a must visit.
  • Town hall – Originally names King Edwards Hall, it was renamed Mahatma Gandhi Hall in 1948. Built in 1904, this hall has a Indo-Gothic architectural style made in Seoni stone. The still image of this beautiful monument is often used to represent Indore in books.

After a visit to all these important landmarks, you can retire to your comfortable bed in one of the hotels in Indore. Indore has a wide range of hotels to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one.

Dimpy Roy

Dimpy Roy is a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She guides travelers to various resources where they can find best Oyo rooms in Indore and choose the best one.

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