Vitallife Wellness Center’s Revolutionary Anti-Aging Medicine

The Vitallife Wellness Center is world’s renowned clinic for the provision of anti-aging and longevity medicine. Vitallife is a division of the Bumrungrad Hospital, one of world’s leading hospitals, which treats millions of patients every year. The center was established in 2001 and is located in Bangkok. One of its greatest achievements is being the first anti-aging center in Asia to receive accreditation from the World Council.

The aim of the Wellness Center is to promote healthy living and longevity with the aid of anti-aging products and cutting-edge technology. The Clinic has a great team of devoted doctors, nurses and consultants who are dedicated to provide you with optimal healthcare a to enhance your wellbeing.

Treatments in the Look Better Section

Vitallife’s wellness mantra is simple: Feel Younger, Look Better and Live Longer. To bring this into practice, the center offers numerous programs and treatments to enhance your appearance and make you feel ageless. Some of the most interesting cures include the skin enhancement, weight management and hair growth.

  • Skin Enhancement

A number of factors including lower amount of estrogen in women can affect the quality of their skin making it rough and damaged. This particular treatment reduces skin aging by making use of the latest skin analysis technology called the Visia System which helps determine the causes of your skin aging and also evaluates your skin health.

  • Hair treatment

Hair loss is a growing concern for both men and women and is caused due to various factors such as genetics, eating habits, medical conditions and stress. Vitallife’s hair treatment comprises of a new approach called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to restore hair. It is a regenerative medicine which is used to stimulate your hair growth by injecting PRP taken from your blood into the scalp.

  • Weight Management

The weight loss program is designed to help your body maintain the ideal weight, with the use of advanced technology. CoolSculpting is one example of this state-of-the-art technology; it is a non-surgical procedure to remove fat, which results in 20% fat reduction from your body with only one treatment.

How to Make Appointments

Wondering how long it would take to fix an appointment at such a top-notch clinic? You will be surprised to know it can be done within no time by visiting the Vitallife website and filling out the appointment form. Your appointments are set as per the doctor’s availability and you are required to give your phone number and email address through which your appointment will be confirmed. In case you need to make an urgent appointment, you can contact the Vitallife Wellness Center at: +66 2667 2340 (international callers) and 02 667 2340 (domestic callers)

Why should you choose Vitallife Wellness Clinic?

The Vitallife Wellness Center strives to bring new medications and therapies to give you a healthy lifestyle and longevity with its world-class scientific knowledge and progressive technology. The Center boasts of the finest doctors and staff who are committed to not only care for your wellness, but also to transform your life for the better.

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